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2 Crows 2 Crows Brewing Micro Brewery   95 2017
  Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS)
9 Mile 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Company Nano Brewery    50 2015
  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (SK)
Abe Abe Erb Brewing Brewpub   602 2014
  Waterloo, Ontario (ON)
Alexander Alexander Keith's Brewery      597 1820
  Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS)
Alley Kat Alley Kat Brewing Company Ltd Micro Brewery   638 1996
  Edmonton, Alberta (AB)
Amber Amber Brewery Micro Brewery      590 2008
  Markham, Ontario (ON)
Amsterdam Amsterdam Brewing Company Micro Brewery   604 2001
  Toronto, Ontario (ON)
Andina Andina Brewing Micro Brewery   604 2017
  Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Annex Annex Ale Project Micro Brewery   610 2015
  Galgary, Alberta (AB)
Apex Apex Predator Brewing (form. Bench Creek Brewing) Micro Brewery   590 2015
  Edson, Alberta (AB)
Arrowhead Arrowhead Brewing Micro Brewery   603 2012
  Invermere, British Columbia (BC)
Backroads Backroads Brewing Micro Brewery    598 2017
  Nelson, British Columbia (BC)
Bad Apple Bad Apple Brewhouse Micro Brewery    598 2014
  Somerset, Nova Scotia (NS)
Banded Banded Peak Brewing Micro Brewery   614 2016
  Galgary, Alberta (AB)
Banff Banff Avenue Brewing Company Brewpub    594 2010
  Banff, Alberta (AB)
Barberie, La La Barberie Microbrasserie Micro Brewery    599 1997
  Québec, Québec (QC)
Barkerville Barkerville Brewing Co Micro Brewery   611 2013
  Quesnel, British Columbia (BC)
Barley Barley Days Brewery Micro Brewery    611 2007
  Picton, Ontario (ON)
Barn Barn Hammer Brewing Micro Brewery   602 2016
  Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)
Beaus Beaus All Natural Brewing Co Micro Brewery   618 2006
  Vankleek Hill, Ontario (ON)
Beckwith Beckwith Road Brewing Micro Brewery     607 2015
  Moncton, New Brunswick (NB)
BeerdMeister BeerdMeister Craft Beer Micro Brewery      12 2018
  Didsbury, Alberta (AB)
Belgh Belgh Brasse Micro Brewery    591 2003
  Amos (Abitibi), Québec (QC)
Bellwood's Bellwood's Brewery Brewpub   610 2012
  Toronto, Ontario (ON)
Bent Bent Stick Brewing Nano Brewery   10 2016
  Edmonton, Alberta (AB)
Bierbrier Brasserie Bierbrier Micro Brewery      610 1999
  Montreal, Québec (QC)
Big Rock Big Rock Brewery Ltd. Brewery   601 1984
  Calgary, Alberta (AB)
Big Spruce Big Spruce Brewing Micro Brewery     34 2013
  Nyanza, Nova Scotia (NS)
Big Surf Big Surf Beer Company Micro Brewery    604 2012
  Kelowna, British Columbia (BC)
Bigtide Bigtide Brewing Brewpub    37 2009
  Saint John, New Brunswick (NB)
Bin Bin Brewing Company Micro Brewery    597 2014
  Swift Current, Saskatchewan (SK)
Black Bridge Black Bridge Brewery Micro Brewery   41 2014
  Swift Current, Saskatchewan (SK)
Black Creek Black Creek Historic Brewery Micro Brewery     601 2009
  Toronto, Ontario (ON)
Black Kettle Black Kettle Brewing Micro Brewery     634 2014
  North Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Black Oak Black Oak Brewing Company Micro Brewery     614 1999
  Oakville, Ontario (ON)
Blindman Blindman Brewing Micro Brewery   610 2015
  Lacombe, Alberta (AB)
Boiling Boiling Oar Brewing Micro Brewery      597 2016
  Calgary, Alberta (AB)
Bomber Bomber Brewing Micro Brewery   775 2014
  Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Boreale Boreale - Les Brasseurs du Nord Brewery    601 1987
  Blainville, Québec (QC)
Boxing Boxing Rock Brewing Company Micro Brewery   615 2012
  Shelburne, Nova Scotia (NS)
Brazen Brazen Hall Brewery Brewpub   648 2016
  Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)
Breton Breton Brewing Micro Brewery   619 2015
  Sydney, Nova Scotia (NS)
Brewsters Brewsters Brewing Company Brewey/Brewpub   603 1989
  Calgary, Alberta (AB)
Bridge Bridge Brewing Company Micro Brewery     614 2012
  North Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Bushwakker Bushwakker Brewing Brewpub   604 1991
  Regina, Saskatchewan (SK)
Callister Callister Brewing Micro Brewery     623 2015
  Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Camerons Camerons Brewing Co. Micro Brewery   624 1997
  Oakville, Ontario (ON)
Celtic Celtic Knot Brewing Micro Brewery      631 2013
  Riverview, New Brunswick (NB)
Central Central City Brewing Co Micro Brewery   620 2004
  Surrey, British Columbia (BC)
Church Key Church Key Brewing Company Micro Brewery   649 2000
  Pethericks Corners, Ontario (ON)
Churchill Churchill Brewing Company Micro Brewery     596 2015
  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (SK)
Clifford Clifford Brewing Micro Brewery   629 2015
  Hamilton, Ontario (ON)
Coal Coal Harbour Brewing Company Micro Brewery     598 2011
  Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Cool Cool Beer Brewing Micro Brewery   601 2002
  Brampton, Ontario (ON)
Copper Copper Bottom Brewing Micro Brewery    621 2017
  Montague, Prince Edward Island (PE)
Crannóg Crannóg Ales Micro Brewery      599 2000
  Sorrento, British Columbia (BC)
Creemore Creemore Springs Brewery (Six Pints - Molson Coors) Micro Brewery    596 1987
  Creemore, Ontario (ON)
Dageraad Dageraad Brewing Micro Brewery    31 2014
  Burnaby, British Columbia (BC)
Dépareillée Brasserie Dépareillée Micro Brewery      13 2017
  Yamachiche, Québec (QC)
Dead Dead Frog Brewery Micro Brewery     602 1999
  Aldergrove, British Columbia (BC)
Deep Deep Dark Wood Brewing Company Nano Brewery    626 2018
  Whitehorse, Yukon (YT)
Devil May Devil May Care Brewing Company Micro Brewery   33 2018
  Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)
Dieu Du Ciel Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel Micro Brewery   607 1998
  Montreal, Québec (QC)
District District Brewing Company Micro Brewery   609 2013
  Regina, Saskatchewan (SK)
Doan’s Doan’s Craft Brewing Company Nano Brewery    597 2015
  Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Driftwood DriftWood Brewing Company Micro Brewery      600 2008
  Victoria, British Columbia (BC)
Dunham Brasserie Dunham Micro Brewery   604 2011
  Dunham, Québec (QC)
Elbeck Elbeck Brews Micro Brewery     41 2017
  Edmonton, Alberta (AB)
Elora Elora Brewing Micro Brewery   621 2015
  Elora, Ontario (ON)
Fahr Brauerei Fahr Micro Brewery    598 2016
  Turner Valley, Alberta (AB)
Farmery The Farmery Estate Brewery Micro Brewery   593 2012
  Neepawa, Manitoba (MB)
Fat Fat Unicorn Brewery Micro Brewery     604 2015
  Plamondon, Alberta (AB)
Fernie Fernie Brewing Company Micro Brewery      607 2002
  Fernie, British Columbia (BC)
Firehall Firehall Brewery Micro Brewery   605 2012
  Oliver, British Columbia (BC)
Flora Flora Hall Brewing Micro Brewery   13 2017
  Ottawa, Ontario (ON)
Flying Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery Micro Brewery   601 2004
  Barrie, Ontario (ON)
Folding Folding Mountain Brewing Micro Brewery   34 2017
  Jasper East, Alberta (AB)
Fort Garry Fort Garry Brewing Company Micro Brewery    623 1995
  Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)
Garrison Garrison Brewing Company Micro Brewery   630 2001
  Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS)
Good Robot Good Robot Brewing Company Micro Brewery   25 2015
  Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS)
Grand River Grand River Brewing Micro Brewery   596 2007
  Cambridge, Ontario (ON)
Granite Granite Brewery Brewpub   649 1996
  Toronto, Ontario (ON)
Granville Granville Island Brewing (Molson Coors Canada) Brewery   598 1984
  Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Graystone Graystone Brewing Micro Brewery   42 2016
  Fredericton, New Brunswick (NB)
Great Lakes Great Lakes Brewery Micro Brewery   596 1987
  Etobicoke, Ontario (ON)
Great Western Great Western Brewing (Canadian Brewing) Brewery    33 2000
  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (SK)
Grimross Grimross Brewing Company Micro Brewery    622 2013
  Fredericton, New Brunswick (NB)
Grizzly Grizzly Paw Brewing Company Micro Brewery   628 2003
  Canmore, Alberta (AB)
Gulf Islands Gulf Islands Brewery Micro Brewery    606 2003
  Salt Spring Island, British Columbia (BC)
Half Pints Half Pints Brewing Company Micro Brewery    620 2006
  Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)
Hockley Hockley Valley Brewing Micro Brewery      612 2003
  Orangeville, Ontario (ON)
Jasper Jasper Brewing Brewpub   599 2005
  Jasper, Alberta (AB)
Junction Junction Craft Brewing Micro Brewery   608 2011
  Toronto, Ontario (ON)
Kichesippi Kichesippi Brewery Micro Brewery   624 2010
  Ottawa, Ontario (ON)
Kilannan Kilannan Brewing Co Micro Brewery    634 2012
  Owen Sound, Ontario (ON)
Kilter Kilter Brewing Co. Micro Brewery   51 2018
  Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)
L'amère Brasserie artisanale L'amère à boire Brewpub     614 2000
  Montreal, Québec (QC)
Labatt Labatt Brewery (Anheuser-Busch) Brewery      601 1847
  Toronto, Ontario (ON)
Lake of Bays Lake of Bays Brewing Company Micro Brewery   596 2010
  Baysville, Ontario (ON)
Le Trou Le Trou Du Diable Micro Brewery   608 2003
  Shawinigan, Québec (QC)
Little Little Brown Jug Micro Brewery   608 2016
  Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)
Loup Loup Rouge Micro Brewery    606 2007
  Sorel-Tracy, Québec (QC)
Malty Malty National Brewing Co Micro Brewery     614 2016
  Regina, Saskatchewan (SK)
McAuslan McAuslan Brewing (Brasseurs RJ) Brewery    673 2000
  Montreal, Québec (QC)
Minhas Minhas Micro Brewery Micro Brewery      600 2013
  Galgary, Alberta (AB)
Mission Mission Springs Brewing Company Micro Brewery      604 1996
  Mission, British Columbia (BC)
Moosehead Moosehead Brewery Micro Brewery    599 1867
  Saint John, New Brunswick (NB)
Nelson Nelson Brewing Company Micro Brewery     615 1992
  Nelson, British Columbia (BC)
Nonsuch Nonsuch Brewing Company Micro Brewery   595 2018
  Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)
Norseman Norseman Brewing Co. Brewpub    623 2017
  Camrose, Alberta (AB)
NWT NWT Brewing Company Brewpub    64 2015
  Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (NT)
Okanagan Okanagan Spring Brewery (Sapporo Breweries) Brewery    618 1985
  Vernon, British Columbia (BC)
Old Abbey Old Abbey Ales Micro Brewery      44 2015
  Abbotsford, British Columbia (BC)
Old Yale Old Yale Brewing Micro Brewery     643 2003
  Chilliwack, British Columbia (BC)
One One Great City Brewing Brewpub   624 2016
  Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)
Pacific Pacific Western Brewing Company Micro Brewery    607 1957
  Burnaby, British Columbia (BC)
Paddock Paddock Wood Brewing Company Micro Brewery    607 2005
  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (SK)
Parallel Parallel 49 Brewing Micro Brewery   628 2012
  Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Picaroons Picaroons - Northhampton Brewing Company Micro Brewery      603 2001
  Fredericton, New Brunswick (NB)
Polar Polar Park Brewing Micro Brewery      601 2017
  Edmonton, Alberta (AB)
Port Rexton Port Rexton Brewing Micro Brewery   607 2016
  Port Rexton, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)
Powel Powell Street Craft Brewery Micro Brewery     606 2013
  Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Prairie Prairie Sun Brewery Micro Brewery   747 2013
  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (SK)
Propeller Propeller Brewery Micro Brewery      623 1997
  Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS)
Pumphouse Pumphouse Brewery Micro Brewery   600 2000
  Moncton, New Brunswick (NB)
Quidi Quidi Vidi Brewing Company Micro Brewery    619 1996
  Quidi Vidi Village (St.Johns), Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)
R&B R&B Brewing Co. (Howe Sound Brewing) Micro Brewery   599 1999
  Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Railcar Railcar Brewing Company Nano Brewery      614 2014
  Perth-Andover, New Brunswick (NB)
Railway Railway City Brewing Company Micro Brewery   605 2008
  St.Thomas, Ontario (ON)
Ribstone Ribstone Creek Brewery Micro Brewery    615 2009
  Edgerton, Alberta (AB)
RJ Les Brasseurs RJ Brewery      620 1988
  Montreal, Québec (QC)
Saint, La Brasserie artisanale Le Saint Graal Brewpub     607 2010
  Sainte-Thérèse, Québec (QC)
Schoune Ferme brasserie Schoun Micro Brewery     612 2000
  St-Polycarpe, Québec (QC)
Scudrunner Scudrunner Brewing Micro Brewery    30 2017
  Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)
Six Six Corners Brew Works Micro Brewery    596 2015
  Okotoks, Alberta (AB)
Sleeman Sleeman Breweries Ltd. Micro Brewery   590 1834
  Guelph, Ontario (ON)
Steam Whistle Steam Whistle Brewing Micro Brewery    604 2000
  Toronto, Ontario (ON)
Steamworks Steamworks Brewing Compagny Micro Brewery      599 1995
  Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)
Stone Stone Angel Brewing Co. Micro Brewery   617 2017
  Winnipeg, Manitoba (MB)
Storm Storm Brewing Micro Brewery     608 1995
  St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)
Stratford Stratford Brewing Company Micro Brewery      611 2004
  Stratford, Ontario (ON)
Tapps Tapps Brewing Co. Bar/Restaurant/Brewery      609 2004
  Yorkton, Saskatchewan (SK)
Tempête À l’Abri de la Tempête Micro Brewery     624 2005
  L'Etang-du-Nord, Québec (QC)
Tool Tool Shed Brewing Company Micro Brewery   596 2013
  Calgary, Alberta (AB)
Townsite Townsite Brewing Micro Brewery     604 2012
  Powell River, British Columbia (BC)
Trafalgar Trafalgar Ales and Meads Micro Brewery   596 2001
  Oakville, Ontario (ON)
Trolley 5 Trolley 5 Restaurant and Brewery Brewpub    589 2016
  Galgary, Alberta (AB)
Troubled Troubled Monk Brewery Micro Brewery   645 2015
  Red Deer, Alberta (AB)
Unibroue Brasserie Unibroue Micro Brewery   609 1990
  Chambly, Québec (QC)
Upstreet Upstreet Brewing Micro Brewery   601 2006
  Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PE)
Vancouver Vancouver Island Brewery Micro Brewery   599 1984
  Victoria, British Columbia (BC)
Village Village Brewery Micro Brewery   596 2012
  Calgary, Alberta (AB)
Walkerville Walkerville Brewery Micro Brewery   23 2012
  Windsor, Ontario (ON)
Waterloo Waterloo Brewing Brewery   606 1984
  Kitchener, Ontario (ON)
Western Western Newfoundland Brewing Company Micro Brewery    601 2016
  Pasadena, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)
Wild Rose Wild Rose Brewery Micro Brewery    597 1996
  Calgary, Alberta (AB)
Windmill Windmill Brewery Micro Brewery     8 2016
  Johnstown, Ontario (ON)
Winterlong Winterlong Brewing Micro Brewery   691 2014
  Whitehorse, Yukon (YT)
Wolf Wolf Brewing Micro Brewery      599 2011
  Nanaimo, British Columbia (BC)
Wood Wood Buffalo Brewing Company (Bear Hill Brewing) Brewpub    595 2013
  Fort Mcmurray, Alberta (AB)
Yellow Belly Yellow Belly Brewery and Public House Brewpub      610 2014
  St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)
Yellow Dog Yellow Dog Brewing Micro Brewery     612 2014
  Port Moody, British Columbia (BC)
Yellowhead Yellowhead Brewing Micro Brewery   604 2015
  Edmonton, Alberta (AB)
Yukonbeer Yukon Brewing Company Micro Brewery    598 1997
  Whitehorse, Yukon (YT)
Zero Zero Issue Brewing Micro Brewery   619 2017
  Galgary, Alberta (AB)

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