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8 Sail 8 Sail Brewery Micro Brewery     724 2010
  Heckington, Lincolnshire, England (LIN)
1648 1648 Brewing Co. Micro Brewery     652 2003
  East Hoathly, East Sussex, England (ESX)
40ft 40ft Brewery Micro Brewery   103 2015
  Dalston, Greater London (LND)
7 Brewing 7 Brewing Micro Brewery    653 2015
  Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (ABD)
Abbey The Abbey Brewery Micro Brewery      659 1997
  Bath, Somerset, England (SOM)
Abbeydale Abbeydale Brewery Micro Brewery   724 1996
  Nethergreen, Borough of Sheffield, England (SHF)
Abbot Abbot Ale (Greene King) Brewery    643 1799
  Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Abernyte The Abernyte Brewery Micro Brewery     647 2016
  Abernyte, Perth and Kinross, Scotland (PKN)
Abstract Abstract Jungle Brewery Micro Brewery    143 2015
  Langley Mill, Derbyshire, England (DBY)
Acorn Acorn Brewery Micro Brewery   126 2003
  Wombwell, Borough of Barnsley, England (BNS)
Adnams Adnams Micro Brewery 647 1872
  Southwold, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Adur Adur Brewery Micro Brewery     653 2008
  Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England (WSX)
Adventure Adventure Brewery Micro Brewery    647 2012
  Chessington, Greater London (LND)
Affinity Affinity Brew Co. Micro Brewery    21 2016
  Bermondsey, Greater London (LND)
Alechemy Alechemy Brewing Micro Brewery    665 2012
  Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland (WLN)
Alepine Alepine Beer Bar/Restaurant/Brewery    678 2016
  Aldham, Essex, England (ESS)
Alfred’s Alfred’s Brewery Micro Brewery    657 2012
  Winchester, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Allanwater Allanwater Brewhouse Micro Brewery 705 2009
  Bridge of Allan, Stirling, Scotland (STG)
Allendale Allendale Brewery Micro Brewery    27 2006
  Allendale, Northumberland, England (NBL)
Allgates Allgates brewery Micro Brewery     670 2006
  Wigan, Wigan, England (WGN)
Almasty Almasty Brewing Co. Micro Brewery    652 2014
  Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, England (NET)
Alnwick Alnwick Brewery Micro Brewery     652 2005
  Alnwick, Northumberland, England (NBL)
Alphabet Alphabet Brewing Co. Micro Brewery   33 2015
  Ardwick, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Amber Amber Ales Micro Brewery    639 2006
  Ripley, Derbyshire, England (DBY)
Ambridge Ambridge Brewery Micro Brewery    48 2014
  Inkberrow, Worcestershire, England (WOR)
Ampersand Ampersand Brew Co. Micro Brewery   93 2017
  Earsham, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Ampthill Ampthill Brewhouse Micro Brewery     140 2015
  Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England (BDF)
An An Teallach Micro Brewery    123 2002
  Garve, Highland, Scotland (HLD)
Andrews Andrews Ales Micro Brewery      118 2011
  Cummertrees, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland (DGY)
Andwell Andwell Brewing Company Micro Brewery     665 2008
  Andwell, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Angel Angel Ales Micro Brewery    669 2011
  Halesowen, Borough of Dudley, England (DUD)
Angel Angel Microbrewery Brewpub    28 2017
  Nottingham, Nottingham, England (NGM)
Anglesey Anglesey Brewing Company Micro Brewery     32 2017
  Carmel (Llanerch-y-Medd), Anglesey, Wales (AGY)
Angus Angus & Oink Guerrilla Brewing Client Brewer      267 2016
  Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, Scotland (ABE)
Anstey Anstey Ale Brewery Micro Brewery    28 2016
  Anstey, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Appleby Appleby Brewery Micro Brewery    645 2015
  Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Arbor Arbor Ales Micro Brewery    643 2007
  Bristol, City of Bristol, England (BST)
Arkells Arkells Brewery Limited Micro Brewery   636 1843
  Swindon, Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Arran Arran Brewery Micro Brewery    643 2000
  Brodick (Isle of Arran), North Ayrshire, Scotland (NAY)
Arundel Arundel Brewery Micro Brewery   688 1992
  Arundel, West Sussex, England (WSX)
Ascot Ascot Brewing Micro Brewery    164 2007
  Camberley, Surrey, England (SRY)
Atlantic Atlantic Brewery Micro Brewery    135 2005
  Treisaac (Newquay), Cornwall, England (CON)
Atom Atom Beers Micro Brewery   867 2013
  Hull, Kingston upon Hull, England (KHL)
Atomic, The The Atomic Brewery Micro Brewery     104 2006
  Rugby, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Avid Avid Brewing Co Micro Brewery    32 2017
  Quernmore, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Axholme Axholme Brewing Company Micro Brewery    804 2012
  Crowle, North Lincolnshire, England (NLN)
Axiom The Axiom Brewing Co Micro Brewery    685 2014
  Wrexham, Wrexham, Wales (WRX)
Ayr Ayr Brewing Company Micro Brewery    890 2009
  Ayr, South Ayrshire, Scotland (SAY)
B&T B&T Brewery Micro Brewery      639 1982
  Shefford, Bedfordshire, England (BDF)
Backyard, The The Backyard Brewhouse Micro Brewery    124 2008
  Walsall, Borough of Walsall, England (WLL)
Baker's Baker's Dozen Brewing Micro Brewery    672 2015
  Ketton, Rutland, England (RUT)
Barnaby's Barnaby's Brewhouse Micro Brewery   118 2016
  Staverton, Devon, England (DEV)
Barnet Barnet Brewery Micro Brewery    704  
  Barnet, Hertfordshire, England (HRT)
Barngates Barngates Brewery Micro Brewery     638 1997
  Ambleside, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Barnsley Barnsley Beer Company Micro Brewery      125 2010
  Darton, Borough of Barnsley, England (BNS)
Barum Barum Brewery Micro Brewery      654 1996
  Barnstaple, Devon, England (DEV)
Batemans Batemans Brewery Brewery   667 1874
  Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, England (LIN)
Bath Ales Bath Ales Brewery Micro Brewery    879 1995
  Bristol, City of Bristol, England (BST)
Bathams Bathams Brewery Brewpub      655 1877
  Brierley Hill, Borough of Dudley, England (DUD)
Battledown Battledown Brewery Micro Brewery   699 2005
  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Battlefield Battlefield Brewery Micro Brewery     692 2015
  Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England (SHR)
Baynhams Baynhams Brewery Micro Brewery    10 2018
  Brockenhurst, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Bays Bays Brewery Micro Brewery   10 2007
  Paignton, Devon, England (DEV)
Baytown BaytownRHB Ltd Micro Brewery   692 2014
  Whitby, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Beak Beak Brewery Nano Brewery   34 2015
  West Hoathly, East Sussex, England (ESX)
Bear Claw Bear Claw Nano Brewery    93 2013
  Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England (NBL)
Beartown Beartown Brewery Micro Brewery    681 1995
  Congleton, Cheshire East, England (CHE)
Beat Beat Brewery Micro Brewery   169 2016
  Bristol, City of Bristol, England (BST)
Beavertown Beavertown Brewery Brewery   643 2012
  Tottenham Hale (Haringey), Greater London (LND)
Beckstones Beckstones Brewery Micro Brewery    751 2002
  Millom, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Bedlam Bedlam Brewery Micro Brewery   707 2012
  Hassocks, West Sussex, England (WSX)
Beer Bores Beer Bores Nano Brewery      118 2016
  Marshfield, Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Beer, The The Beer Engine Brewpub      10 1983
  Exeter, Devon, England (DEV)
Beerblefish Beerblefish Brewing Company Micro Brewery   20 2015
  Edmonton, Greater London (LND)
Beerd Beerd Brewery (Bath Ales, Bristol) Micro Brewery     42 2013
  Bristol, City of Bristol, England (BST)
Beerdsman Beerdsman Beer (Bath Ales) Micro Brewery     155 2016
  Dartford, Kent, England (KEN)
Beermats Beermats Brewing Company Micro Brewery      39 2017
  Winkburn, Nottinghamshire, England (NTT)
Beeston Beeston Brewery Micro Brewery     143 2006
  Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Belhaven Belhaven Brewery (Greene King) Brewery     642 1719
  Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland (ELN)
Belleville Belleville Brewing Micro Brewery   654 2014
  Wandsworth Common, Greater London (LND)
Bellfield Bellfield Brewery Micro Brewery    36 2016
  Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland (EDH)
Belvoir Belvoir Brewery Micro Brewery    687 1995
  Old Dalby, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Beowulf The Beowulf Brewing Company Micro Brewery    683 1997
  Brownhills, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Berkshire West Berkshire Brewery Micro Brewery   633 1995
  Thatcham, West Berkshire, England (WBK)
Bespoke The Bespoke Brewing Co Micro Brewery    650 2012
  Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Betteridge’s Betteridge’s Brewery Micro Brewery    668 2014
  Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Bewdley Bewdley Brewery Micro Brewery    144 2009
  Bewdley, Worcestershire, England (WOR)
Big Bog Big Bog Brewing Company Micro Brewery    897 2012
  Liverpool, City of Liverpool, England (LIV)
Big Drop Big Drop Brewing Co. Micro Brewery   156 2017
  Maidenhead, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, England (WNM)
Big Shed Big Shed Brewery Micro Brewery      669 2014
  Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England (SHR)
Biggar Biggar Brewing Co-operative Micro Brewery    28 2015
  Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Billericay Billericay Brewing Company Micro Brewery    34 2013
  Billericay, Essex, England (ESS)
Binghams Binghams Brewery Ltd. Micro Brewery    662 2010
  Ruscombe, Wokingham, England (WOK)
Bison Bison Beer Nano Brewery    60 2015
  Brighton, East Sussex, England (ESX)
Bitter End The Bitter End Brewpub      713 1995
  Cockermouth (Lake District), Cumbria, England (CMA)
Black Cat Black Cat Brewery Micro Brewery      694 2011
  Palehouse Common (Uckfield), East Sussex, England (ESX)
Black Country Black Country Ales Micro Brewery     145 2004
  Kingswinford, Borough of Dudley, England (DUD)
Black Flag Black Flag Brewery Micro Brewery    127 2013
  Goonhavern, Cornwall, England (CON)
Black Isle Black Isle Brewery Micro Brewery   704 1998
  Munlochy, Highland, Scotland (HLD)
Black Jack Black Jack Beers Micro Brewery    846 2012
  Manchester, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Black Lodge Black Lodge Brewing Micro Brewery   159 2016
  Liverpool, City of Liverpool, England (LIV)
Black Rock Black Rock Brewing Micro Brewery   70 2013
  Falmouth, Cornwall, England (CON)
Black Sheep, The The Black Sheep Brewery Micro Brewery    640 1992
  Masham, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Black Storm Black Storm Brewery Micro Brewery   40 2017
  Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, England (NTY)
Black Tap Black Tap Brewing Co. Brewpub   156 2014
  Redditch, Worcestershire, England (WOR)
Black Tor Black Tor Brewery Micro Brewery    9 2013
  Christow, Devon, England (DEV)
Black Wolf Black Wolf Brewery Micro Brewery   649 2004
  Throsk, Stirling, Scotland (STG)
Blackbeck Taylor's Blackbeck Brewery Nano Brewery       669 2009
  Egremont, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Blackhill Blackhill Brewery Micro Brewery    21 2012
  Stanley, County Durham, England (DUR)
Blind Blind Monkey Brewery Micro Brewery    36 2018
  Oldbury, Borough of Birmingham, England (BIR)
Blindmans Blindmans Brewery Micro Brewery      132 2002
  Frome, Somerset, England (SOM)
Blue Anchor Blue Anchor Brewery Micro Brewery      787 1768
  Helston, Cornwall, England (CON)
Blue Bee Blue Bee Brewery Micro Brewery    124 2011
  Sheffield, Borough of Sheffield, England (SHF)
Blue Monkey Blue Monkey Brewery Micro Brewery     987 2008
  Giltbrook, Nottingham, England (NGM)
Bluestone Bluestone Brewery Micro Brewery    647 2014
  Whitworth, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Bluestone Bluestone Brewing Company Micro Brewery   732 2013
  Cilgwyn, Pembrokeshire, Wales (PEM)
Blunt Blunt Chisel Micro Brewery     39 2018
  Blairadam (Kelty), Fife, Scotland (FIF)
Blythe Blythe Brewery Micro Brewery     665 2003
  Lichfield, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Bog Bog Brew Beers Homebrewery      21 2018
  Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England (HRT)
Bollington The Bollington Brewing Co. Micro Brewery    647 2008
  Bollington (Macclesfield), Cheshire East, England (CHE)
Born Born in the Borders Brewery Micro Brewery     681 2011
  Jedburgh (Roxburgh), The Scottish Borders, Scotland (SCB)
Botley Botley Brewery Micro Brewery    667 2010
  Botley (Southampton), Hampshire, England (HAM)
Boudicca Boudicca Brewing Micro Brewery   115 2015
  West Barsham, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Boundary Boundary Brewing Micro Brewery    756 2015
  Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland (BFS)
Bournemouth Bournemouth Brewery Micro Brewery     110 2014
  Poole, Dorset, England (DOR)
Bournemouth Bournemouth Brewing Co. Micro Brewery     657 2013
  Poole, Poole, England (POL)
Boutilliers Boutilliers Micro Brewery   73 2016
  Faversham, Kent, England (KEN)
Bowman Bowman Ales Micro Brewery    148 2006
  Droxford, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Bowness Bowness Bay Brewing Micro Brewery    188 2012
  Kendal, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Box Steam Box Steam Brewery Micro Brewery   636 2004
  Holt, Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Bradfield Bradfield Brewery Micro Brewery    112 2005
  High Bradfield, Borough of Sheffield, England (SHF)
Bragdy Mon Bragdy Mon - Anglesey Brewhouse Micro Brewery     21 2018
  LLangefni, Anglesey, Wales (AGY)
Brancaster, The The Brancaster Brewery Micro Brewery    77 2003
  Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Brandon Brandon Brewery Micro Brewery    721 2005
  Brandon, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Branscombe Branscombe Vale Brewery Micro Brewery     651 1992
  Branscombe, Devon, England (DEV)
Brecon Breconshire Brewery Micro Brewery      665 2002
  Brecon, Powys, Wales (POW)
Brentwood Brentwood Brewing Company Micro Brewery   644 2007
  Brentwood, Essex, England (ESS)
Brew Shack Brew Shack Micro Brewery   115 2016
  Wimborne, Dorset, England (DOR)
Brew York Brew York Micro Brewery   122 2016
  York, York, England (YOR)
BrewDog BrewDog Brewery   677 2007
  Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (ABD)
Brewgooder Brewgooder Ltd. (client brewer) Client Brewer   677 2016
  Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland (EDH)
Brewmeister Brewmeister Brewery Micro Brewery    635 2012
  Keith, Moray, Scotland (MRY)
Brewshed Brewshed Micro Brewery     706 2011
  Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Brewshine Brewshine Brewery Nano Brewery    19 2014
  Kendal, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Brewsmith Brewsmith Beer Nano Brewery     17 2014
  Ramsbottom (Bury), Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Brewsters Brewsters Brewing Company Micro Brewery   632 1998
  Turnpike Close (Grantham), Lincolnshire, England (LIN)
Bridestones Bridestones Brewing Micro Brewery    663 2006
  Hebden Bridge, Borough of Calderdale, England (CLD)
Brightside Brightside Brewing Company Micro Brewery    663 2011
  Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Brightwater Brightwater Brewery Brewpub    724 2013
  Esher, Surrey, England (SRY)
Brimstage Brimstage Brewery Micro Brewery    805 2006
  Wirral, Borough of Wirral, England (WRL)
Bristol Bristol Beer Factory Micro Brewery   647 2004
  Bristol, City of Bristol, England (BST)
Brixton Brixton Brewery (Heineken) Micro Brewery   646 2013
  Brixton (Lambeth), Greater London (LND)
Brockley Brockley Brewery Micro Brewery    743 2013
  Brockley (Lewisham), Greater London (LND)
Brodie's Brodie's Beers Micro Brewery   110 2008
  Leyton, Greater London (LND)
Broughton Broughton Ales Micro Brewery   662 1979
  Broughton, The Scottish Borders, Scotland (SCB)
Brown Cow The Brown Cow Brewery Micro Brewery      640 1997
  Barlow (Selby), North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Brownale Brownale Brewery ----       671 1927
  Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, England (NET)
Buckland Buckland Brewers Nano Brewery     12 2017
  Stibb Cross (Langtree), Devon, England (DEV)
Bude Bude Brewery Micro Brewery   765 2011
  Bude, Cornwall, England (CON)
Buffy's Buffy's Brewery Micro Brewery      650 1993
  Tivetshall St. Mary, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Bullards Bullards Micro Brewery      85 2015
  Norwich, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Bullfinch Bullfinch Brewery Micro Brewery   134 2014
  Herne Hill, Greater London (LND)
Buntingford Buntingford Brewery Micro Brewery     622 2001
  Royston, Hertfordshire, England (HRT)
Burke's Burke's Beers Micro Brewery    39 2018
  Blockley, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Burning Sky Burning Sky Brewery Micro Brewery    642 2013
  Firle, East Sussex, England (ESX)
Burning Soul Burning Soul Brewing Company Micro Brewery   193 2016
  Hockley, Borough of Birmingham, England (BIR)
Burnside Burnside Brewery Micro Brewery    805 2010
  Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (ABD)
Burton Bridge Burton Bridge Brewery Micro Brewery    679 1982
  Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Burton Town Burton Town Brewery Micro Brewery   175 2016
  Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Bushy’s Bushy’s Brewery Ltd Micro Brewery      652 1984
  Mount Murray, Braddan, Isle of Man (IM)
Butcombe Butcombe Brewery Micro Brewery   693 1978
  Wrington, North Somerset, England (NSM)
Bute Bute Brew Co Micro Brewery     55 2014
  Rothesay, Argyll and Bute, Scotland (AGB)
Butts Butts Brewery Micro Brewery      642 1994
  Hungerford, West Berkshire, England (WBK)
Buxton Buxton Brewery Company Micro Brewery   743 2010
  Buxton, Derbyshire, England (DBY)
Byatt's Byatt's Brewery Micro Brewery    20 2015
  Coventry, Coventry, England (COV)
Cabin Cabin Brewery Micro Brewery      84 2015
  Bildeston, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Cairngorm Cairngorm Brewery Micro Brewery    656 1997
  Aviemore, Highland, Scotland (HLD)
Caledonian The Caledonian Brewery (Heineken) Brewery   627 1869
  Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland (EDH)
Cambridge City of Cambridge Brewery Micro Brewery    646 1997
  Dereham, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Camden Camden Town Brewery (AB InBev) Brewery 625 2009
  Kentish Town (Camden), Greater London (LND)
Cannon Cannon Royall Brewery Micro Brewery      633 1993
  Uphampton, Worcestershire, England (WOR)
Canterbury Canterbury Ales Micro Brewery     638 2010
  Canterbury, Kent, England (KEN)
Cap Cap House Brewery Micro Brewery     23 2011
  Batley, Kirklees, England (KIR)
Carling Carling (Molson Coors UK) Brewery     612 1840
  Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Castle Rock Castle Rock Brewery Micro Brewery   686 1977
  Nottingham, Nottingham, England (NGM)
Cat Cat Asylum Brewing Micro Brewery    17 2017
  Collingham, Nottinghamshire, England (NTT)
Caveman Caveman Brewery Micro Brewery   634 2012
  Swanscombe, Kent, England (KEN)
Caythorpe Caythorpe Brewery Micro Brewery     636 1997
  Caythorpe, Nottinghamshire, England (NTT)
Cerne Cerne Abbas Brewery Micro Brewery     188 2014
  Cerne Abbas, Dorset, England (DOR)
Chadlington Chadlington Brewery Micro Brewery   644 2015
  Chadlington, Oxfordshire, England (OXF)
Chadwick’s Chadwick’s of Kendal Micro Brewery     636 2014
  Kendal, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Chantry Chantry Brewery Micro Brewery    103 2012
  Rotherham, Borough of Rotherham, England (ROT)
Charles Charles Wells Brewery Micro Brewery      622 1876
  Bedford, Bedfordshire, England (BDF)
Charnwood Charnwood Brewery Micro Brewery    26 2014
  Loughborough, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Cheddar Cheddar Ales Micro Brewery      622 2007
  Cheddar, Somerset, England (SOM)
Cheviot Cheviot Brewery Micro Brewery    22 2018
  Cornhill on Tweed, Northumberland, England (NBL)
Chiltern The Chiltern Brewery Micro Brewery   715 1980
  Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England (BKM)
Chorlton Chorlton Brewing Company Micro Brewery   642 2014
  Manchester, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Church Church Hanbrewery Nano Brewery    696 2016
  Witney, Oxfordshire, England (OXF)
Church End Church End Brewery Micro Brewery    684 1994
  Atherstone, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Church Farm Church Farm Brewery Micro Brewery    655 2013
  Budbrooke, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Clanconnel Clanconnel Brewing Company Client Brewer      630 2010
  Craigavon, County Armagh, Northern Ireland (ARM)
Clearwater Clearwater Brewery Micro Brewery    110 1998
  Bideford, Devon, England (DEV)
Clockwork Clockwork Beer Company (Maclay) Brewpub    647 1997
  Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland (GLG)
Clouded Clouded Minds Brewery Micro Brewery      126 2013
  Lower Brailes (Banbury), Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Cloudwater Cloudwater Brew Micro Brewery   643 2015
  Manchester, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Coach Coach House Brewing Company Micro Brewery     664 1991
  Warrington, Warrington, England (WRT)
Cobra The Cobra Beer brewery (Molson Coors UK) Brewery 619 2015
  Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Cocksure Cocksure Brewing Co Micro Brewery   22 2016
  Oldbury on Severn, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Colchester Colchester Brewery Micro Brewery    662 2011
  Wakes Colne, Essex, England (ESS)
Colonsay Colonsay Brewery Micro Brewery   647 2007
  Isle of Colonsay, Argyll and Bute, Scotland (AGB)
Concrete Cow Concrete Cow Brewery Micro Brewery    647 2007
  Bradwell Abbey, Buckinghamshire, England (BKM)
Coniston Coniston Brewing Micro Brewery     639 1995
  Coniston, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Consett Consett Ale Works Micro Brewery      633 2006
  Consett, County Durham, England (DUR)
Conwy Conwy Brewery Micro Brewery   706 2003
  Conwy, Conwy County Borough, Wales (CWY)
Copper Dragon Copper Dragon Brewery Micro Brewery     637 2003
  Keighley, City of Bradford, England (BRD)
Corinium Corinium Ales Nano Brewery     702 2012
  Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Cotleigh Cotleigh Brewery Micro Brewery     636 1979
  Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England (SOM)
Cotswold Cotswold Lion Brewery Micro Brewery    655 2012
  Coberley, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Country Life Country Life Brewery Micro Brewery    9 1998
  Bideford, Devon, England (DEV)
Crackle Crackle Rock Brewing Co. Micro Brewery      17 2014
  Botley (Southampton), Hampshire, England (HAM)
Crafty Monkey Crafty Monkey Brewing Micro Brewery     16 2018
  Elwick, County Durham, England (DUR)
Crate Crate Brewery Micro Brewery    617 2012
  Hackney Wick, Greater London (LND)
Credence Credence Brewing Micro Brewery    119 2015
  Amble, Northumberland, England (NBL)
Cromarty The Cromarty Brewing Company Micro Brewery    678 2011
  Cromarty, Highland, Scotland (HLD)
Cross Cross Borders Brewing Company Micro Brewery   629 2016
  Dalkeith, The Scottish Borders, Scotland (SCB)
Crossed Crossed Anchors Brewery Micro Brewery    9 2015
  Exmouth, Devon, England (DEV)
Crouch Vale Crouch Vale Brewery Micro Brewery      644 1981
  Chelmsford, Essex, England (ESS)
Crumbs Crumbs Brewing Micro Brewery   156 2017
  Reigate, Surrey, England (SRY)
Cullercoats Cullercoats Brewery Micro Brewery    16 2011
  North Shields, North Tyneside, England (NTY)
Cumbrian Cumbrian Legendary Ales Micro Brewery     696 2006
  Hawkshead, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Daleside Daleside Brewery Micro Brewery    635 1985
  Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Dancing Dancing Cows Micro Brewery   161 2015
  Lymington, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Dancing Men Dancing Men Brewery Brewpub      65 2015
  Happisburgh, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Dark Star Dark Star Brewing (Fullers) Micro Brewery   652 1994
  Partridge Green, West Sussex, England (WSX)
Darkplace Darkplace Brewery Micro Brewery   11 2018
  Colyton, Devon, England (DEV)
Darkwave Darkwave Brewing (prev Arkwrights) Nano Brewery     639 2010
  Preston, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Dartmoor Dartmoor Brewery Micro Brewery    652 1994
  Princetown, Devon, England (DEV)
Darwin Darwin Brewery Micro Brewery   690 1994
  Sunderland, City of Sunderland, England (SND)
Davenports Davenports Beer Micro Brewery     108 1898
  Birmingham, Borough of Birmingham, England (BIR)
Dawkins Dawkins Ales Micro Brewery    658 2005
  Timsbury, Bath and North East Somerset, England (BAS)
Deeply Deeply Vale Brewery Micro Brewery    2 2012
  Bury, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Deeside Deeside Micro Brewery Micro Brewery   698 2012
  Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (ABD)
Dent Dent Brewery Micro Brewery   669 1990
  Hollins, Cowgill, Dent, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Derby Derby Brewing Company Micro Brewery   666 2004
  Derby, Derbyshire, England (DBY)
Derventio Derventio Brewery Micro Brewery    656 2006
  Darley Abbey (Derby), Derbyshire, England (DBY)
Derwent Derwent Brewery Micro Brewery     18 1996
  Wigton, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Deva Deva Craft Beer Micro Brewery    663 2015
  Sandycroft, Cheshire West and Chester, England (CHW)
Devon Ales Devon Ales Brewpub      639 1993
  Sauchie, Clackmannanshire, Scotland (CLK)
Dhillon's Dhillon's Brewery Brewpub   22 2014
  Longford, Coventry, England (COV)
Dominion Dominion Brewery Micro Brewery    648 2012
  Moreton, Essex, England (ESS)
Don Valley Don Valley Brewery Micro Brewery    122 2016
  Mexborough, Borough of Doncaster, England (DNC)
Doncaster Doncaster Brewery Micro Brewery    661 2012
  Doncaster, Borough of Doncaster, England (DNC)
Donnington Donnington Brewery Micro Brewery    627 1865
  Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Dorset Dorset Brewing Company Micro Brewery    751 1996
  Dorchester, Dorset, England (DOR)
Double-Barrelled Double-Barrelled Brewery Nano Brewery   121 2018
  Reading, Borough of Reading, England (RDG)
Dow Dow Bridge Brewery Micro Brewery    657 2001
  Catthorpe, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Dragonfly Dragonfly Brewery Brewpub    639 2014
  Acton, Ealing, Greater London (LND)
Drop Drop the Anchor Brewery Micro Brewery    102 2017
  Christchurch, Dorset, England (DOR)
Drygate Drygate Brewery Micro Brewery   218 2014
  Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland (GLG)
Dukeries Dukeries Brewery Micro Brewery     756 2012
  Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England (NTT)
Durham The Durham Brewery Micro Brewery    641 1994
  Bowburn, County Durham, England (DUR)
Eden Eden River Brew Co. Micro Brewery   661 2011
  Penrith, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Edinbrew Edinbrew Micro Brewery    648 2015
  Knightsridge, West Lothian, Scotland (WLN)
Eight Arch Eight Arch Brewing Co. Micro Brewery   34 2015
  Wimborne, Dorset, England (DOR)
Elgoods Elgoods Brewery Micro Brewery    637 1795
  Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England (CAM)
Elland Elland Brewery Micro Brewery    665 2002
  Elland, Borough of Calderdale, England (CLD)
Elmtree Elmtree Beers Micro Brewery    129 2007
  Snetterton, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Emal Emal Brewery Micro Brewery    9 2016
  Woodbury (Salterton), Devon, England (DEV)
Emperor's Emperor's Brewery Nano Brewery   19 2017
  Coalville, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Ennerdale Ennerdale Brewery Micro Brewery    41 2011
  Rowrah, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Enville Enville Brewery Micro Brewery      668 1993
  Stourbridge, Borough of Dudley, England (DUD)
Essex Essex Brewery Company Micro Brewery      28 2015
  Norton Madeville, Essex, England (ESS)
Evan Evans Evan Evans Brewery Micro Brewery    644 2004
  Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales (CMN)
Everards Everards Brewery Micro Brewery   622 1849
  Narborough, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Exe Exe Valley Brewery Micro Brewery    674 1984
  Silverton, Devon, England (DEV)
Exmoor Exmoor Ales Micro Brewery   646 1980
  Taunton, Somerset, England (SOM)
Eyeball Eyeball Brewing Micro Brewery    103 2016
  Cockenzie, East Lothian, Scotland (ELN)
Facers Facer's Flintshire Brewery Micro Brewery      648 2003
  Flint Mountain (Flint), Flintshire, Wales (FLN)
Fallen Fallen Brewing Micro Brewery    139 2012
  Kippen, Stirling, Scotland (STG)
Fallen Angel Fallen Angel (Broxbourne) Micro Brewery    626 2013
  Writtle, Essex, England (ESS)
Farr Farr Brew Nano Brewery    25 2015
  Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England (HRT)
Farriers Farriers Arms Brewpub     73 2010
  Ashford, Kent, England (KEN)
Fat Cat, The The Fat Cat Brewery Micro Brewery    658 2005
  Norwich, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Fat Pig, The The Fat Pig Brewery Brewpub     665 2012
  Exeter, Devon, England (DEV)
Felinfoel Felinfoel Brewery Micro Brewery    78 1878
  Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales (CMN)
Fell Fell Brewery Micro Brewery    719 2013
  Flookburgh, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Fellows Fellows Brewery Micro Brewery    637 2009
  Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England (CAM)
Felstar Felstar Brewery Micro Brewery     632 2001
  Felsted, Essex, England (ESS)
Fentimans Fentimans Brewery   66 2002
  Hexam, Northumberland, England (NBL)
Fierce Fierce Beer Micro Brewery   732 2016
  Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, Scotland (ABE)
Firebrand Firebrand Brewing Nano Brewery     664 2014
  Launceston, Cornwall, England (CON)
Firebrick Firebrick Brewery Micro Brewery      661 2013
  Blaydon on Tyne, Gateshead, England (GAT)
Firehouse Firehouse Brewery Nano Brewery    23 2014
  Louth, Lincolnshire, England (LIN)
Five The Five Points Brewing Company Micro Brewery   622 2013
  Hackney, Greater London (LND)
Fixed Fixed Wheel Brewery Micro Brewery    98 2014
  Halesowen, Borough of Dudley, England (DUD)
Fizzy Fizzy Moon Brewing Co. Brewpub   166 2016
  Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Flack Flack Manor Brewery Micro Brewery      107 2010
  Romsey, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Flying Monk The Flying Monk Brewery Micro Brewery    28 2014
  Hullavington (Malmesbury), Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Folly Brewers Folly Brewery Micro Brewery   21 2018
  Stanbridge, Dorset, England (DOR)
Fownes The Fownes Brewing Co. Micro Brewery      652 2013
  Gornal, Borough of Dudley, England (DUD)
Foxfield Foxfield Brewery Micro Brewery      20 1997
  Broughton-in-Furness, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Framework Framework Brewery Micro Brewery   19 2016
  Leicester, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Freedom Freedom Brewery Brewery   643 1995
  Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Friday Friday Beer Company Micro Brewery    112 2012
  Malvern, Worcestershire, England (WOR)
Front Row Front Row Brewing Micro Brewery     136 2012
  Congleton, Cheshire West and Chester, England (CHW)
Full Mash Full Mash Micro Brewery     22 2003
  Stapleford, Nottingham, England (NGM)
Fyne Ales Fyne Ales Brewery Micro Brewery   635 2001
  Cairndow, Argyll and Bute, Scotland (AGB)
Garden Garden City Brewery Micro Brewery   22 2016
  Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England (HRT)
Geeves Geeves Brewery Micro Brewery    133 2011
  Stairfoot, Borough of Barnsley, England (BNS)
Geipel Geipel Brewing Micro Brewery     93 2014
  Corwen, Denbighshire, Wales (DEN)
Glamorgan Glamorgan Brewing Co Micro Brewery   623 1994
  Llantrisant, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales (RCT)
Glenfinnan Glenfinnan Brewery Micro Brewery      646 2005
  Glenfinnan, Highland, Scotland (HLD)
Goddards Goddards Brewery Micro Brewery    657 1993
  Ryde, Isle of Wight, England (IOW)
Goffs Goff's Brewery Micro Brewery     620 1994
  Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Golden Duck Golden Duck Brewery Micro Brewery     632 2012
  Appleby Magna, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Golden Triangle Golden Triangle Micro Brewery    75 2011
  Barford, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Goose Eye Goose Eye Brewery Micro Brewery    630 1991
  Keighley, City of Bradford, England (BRD)
Gower Gower Brewery Micro Brewery    697 2012
  Llanrhidian, Swansea, Wales (SWA)
Grain Grain Brewery Micro Brewery     628 2006
  Harleston, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Grainstore The Grainstore Brewery Micro Brewery   658 1995
  Oakham, Rutland, England (RUT)
Great Heck Great Heck Brewing Company Micro Brewery    878 2008
  Great Heck, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Great Western Great Western Brewing Company Micro Brewery    963 2008
  Hambrook, City of Bristol, England (BST)
Great Yorkshire Great Yorkshire Brewery (prev Cropton) Micro Brewery   630 1984
  Cropton, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Green Green Jack Brewery Micro Brewery    630 2003
  Lowestoft, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Green Duck Green Duck Brewery Micro Brewery    132 2012
  Stourbridge, Borough of Dudley, England (DUD)
Greenfield Greenfield Brewery Micro Brewery    625 2002
  Greenfield (Saddleworth), Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Greenmill Greenmill Brewery Micro Brewery     623 2007
  Broadbottom (Hyde), Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Griffin The Griffin Brewery Brewery   613 1845
  Chiswick, Greater London (LND)
GT GT Ales Micro Brewery     10 2015
  Barnstaple, Devon, England (DEV)
Gun Gun Brewery Micro Brewery    52 2015
  Heathfield, East Sussex, England (ESX)
Gwaun Gwaun Valley Brewery Micro Brewery     628 2009
  Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales (PEM)
Gyle 59, The The Gyle 59 Brewery Micro Brewery      131 2013
  Thorncombe, Dorset, England (DOR)
Hackney Hackney Brewery Micro Brewery   26 2012
  Hackney, Greater London (LND)
Hadham Hadham Brewery Micro Brewery   20 2017
  Little Hadham, Hertfordshire, England (HRT)
Halifax Halifax Steam Brewing Company Micro Brewery     723 2001
  Halifax, Borough of Calderdale, England (CLD)
Hall Hall & Woodhouse Brewery Micro Brewery     643 1777
  Blandford St. Mary, Dorset, England (DOR)
Hambleton Hambleton Ales Micro Brewery   722 1991
  Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Hammerpot Hammerpot Brewery Micro Brewery    640 2005
  Poling, West Sussex, England (WSX)
Hanlons Hanlons Brewery Micro Brewery   647 2013
  Half Moon Village, Devon, England (DEV)
Harbour Harbour Brewing Company Micro Brewery   717 2012
  Kirland, Cornwall, England (CON)
Harveys Harveys Brewery Micro Brewery    620 1790
  Lewes, East Sussex, England (ESX)
Harviestoun Harviestoun Brewery Micro Brewery   616 1985
  Alva, Clackmannanshire, Scotland (CLK)
Harwich Harwich Town Brewing Micro Brewery     653 2007
  Harwich, Essex, England (ESS)
Hattie Hattie Browns Brewery Micro Brewery      98 2015
  Swanage, Dorset, England (DOR)
Hawkshead Hawkshead Brewery Micro Brewery   636 2002
  Staveley, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Hebridean Hebridean Brewery Company Micro Brewery     622 2001
  Stornoway (Isle of Lewis), Eilean Siar, Scotland (ELS)
Hedgedog Hedgedog Brewing Ltd. Micro Brewery    150 2014
  Virginia Water, Surrey, England (SRY)
Hepworth Hepworth & Co Micro Brewery    640 2001
  Pulborough (Horsham), West Sussex, England (WSX)
Hercules Hercules Nano Brewery     664 2014
  Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland (BFS)
Hereford Hereford Brewery Brewpub      630 2000
  Hereford, Herefordshire, England (HEF)
Hermitage Hermitage Brewery Nano Brewery     620 2015
  Hermitage, West Berkshire, England (WBK)
Hesket Hesket Newmarket Brewery Micro Brewery   657 1988
  Hesket Newmarket, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Hetton Hetton Law Brewery Micro Brewery      58 2016
  Lowick, Northumberland, England (NBL)
Hexhamshire Hexhamshire Brewery Micro Brewery    656 2002
  Hexham, Northumberland, England (NBL)
High House High House Farm Brewery Micro Brewery    76 2004
  Matfen, Northumberland, England (NBL)
Hilden Hilden Brewery Micro Brewery    634 2002
  Lisburn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland (ANT)
Hillside Hillside Brewery Micro Brewery   41 2014
  Longhope, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Hillstown Hillstown Brewery Micro Brewery    658 2014
  Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland (ANT)
Hobsons Hobsons Brewery Micro Brewery   612 1993
  Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, England (SHR)
Hogs Back Hogs Back Brewery Micro Brewery   682 1992
  Farnham, Surrey, England (SRY)
Holdens Holdens Brewery Micro Brewery    653 1920
  Dudley, Borough of Dudley, England (DUD)
Holler Holler Brewery Micro Brewery     25 2017
  Brighton, East Sussex, England (ESX)
Holsworthy Holsworthy Ales Micro Brewery    8 2011
  Holsworthy, Devon, England (DEV)
Honest Honest Brew Client Brewer   714 2013
  Penge (Bromley), Greater London (LND)
Hooded The Hooded Ram Brewing Company Micro Brewery    649 2014
  Douglas, Isle of Man (IM)
Hook Norton Hook Norton Brewery Micro Brewery    618 1849
  Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England (OXF)
Hop Hopdaemon Brewery Micro Brewery     625 2001
  Newnham, Kent, England (KEN)
Hop Back Hop Back Brewery Micro Brewery    658 1986
  Downton, Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Hopshackle Hopshackle Brewery Micro Brewery     633 2006
  Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, England (LIN)
Hornes Hornes Brewery Micro Brewery      648 2015
  Bow Brickhill (Milton Keynes), Buckinghamshire, England (BKM)
Horse Dark Horse Brewery Micro Brewery     664 2008
  Hetton (Skipton), North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Hoxne Hoxne Brewery Micro Brewery    70 2014
  Heckfield Green, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Hubsters Hubsters Brewery Micro Brewery    606 2017
  Clayton Brook, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Humpty Humpty Dumpty Brewery Micro Brewery     656 1998
  Reedham, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Hydes Hydes Brewery Micro Brewery    696 1863
  Salford, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Indigenous Indigenous Brewery Micro Brewery      625 2015
  Newbury, West Berkshire, England (WBK)
Innis The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company Ltd Brewery 615 2013
  Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland (EDH)
Inveralmond The Inveralmond Brewery Micro Brewery   643 1997
  Perth, Perth and Kinross, Scotland (PKN)
Irving Irving Brewers Micro Brewery    653 2007
  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Irwell Irwell Works Brewery Micro Brewery    623 2010
  Ramsbottom (Bury), Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Isca Isca Ales Brewery Micro Brewery    628 2006
  Holcombe Village (Dawlish), Devon, England (DEV)
Island Isle of Wight Brewery Micro Brewery       618 2010
  Newport, Isle of Wight, England (IOW)
Itchen Valley Itchen Valley Brewery Micro Brewery   651 1997
  New Alresford, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Jennings Jennings Brewery Brewery    615 1828
  Cockermouth, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Joseph Joseph Holt of Manchester Micro Brewery    614 1849
  Manchester, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
JW Lees JW Lees & Co Brewers Micro Brewery   619 1828
  Middleton, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Kelburn The Kelburn Brewing Company Micro Brewery   647 2002
  Barrhead, East Renfrewshire, Scotland (ERW)
Kelham Kelham Island Brewery Micro Brewery   653 1990
  Sheffield, Borough of Sheffield, England (SHF)
Keltek Keltek Brewey Micro Brewery      623 1997
  Redruth, Cornwall, England (CON)
Kent Kent Brewery Micro Brewery    639 2010
  West Malling, Kent, England (KEN)
Kernel, the The Kernel Brewery Micro Brewery     618 2010
  Spa Road (Southwark), Greater London (LND)
Keswick Keswick Brewing Company Micro Brewery    650 2006
  Keswick, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Kingstone Kingstone Brewery Micro Brewery      605 2006
  Tintern, Monmouthshire, Wales (MON)
Kirkby Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery Micro Brewery     696 2009
  Kirkby Lonsdale via Carnforth, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Kirkstall Kirkstall Brewery Company Micro Brewery    623 2011
  Kirkstall, City of Leeds, England (LDS)
Krafty Krafty Brew Micro Brewery     645 2014
  Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland (EDH)
Lacons Lacons Brewery Micro Brewery   707 2013
  Lowestoft, Suffolk, England (SFK)
LAM LAM Brewing Micro Brewery    138 2014
  Kennington, Oxfordshire, England (OXF)
Lancaster Lancaster Brewery Micro Brewery   647 2005
  Lancaster, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Langton Langton Brewery Micro Brewery   9 2000
  Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Lawman Lawman Brewing Company Micro Brewery     646 2014
  Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, Scotland (LKS)
Leatherbritches Leatherbritches Brewery Micro Brewery    615 1993
  Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Ledbury Ledbury Real Ales Micro Brewery    27 2012
  Ledbury, Herefordshire, England (HEF)
Leeds Leeds Brewery Micro Brewery    741 2007
  Leeds, City of Leeds, England (LDS)
Leighton Leighton Buzzard Brewing Company Micro Brewery   522 2014
  Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England (BDF)
Lemming Lemming Brewery Micro Brewery      58 2016
  Offchurch, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Lerwick Lerwick Brewery Micro Brewery   629 2013
  Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland (ZET)
Liberation Liberation Brewery Micro Brewery   669 1871
  Saviour, Jersey (JE)
Lithic Lithic Brewing Micro Brewery   19 2017
  Brecon, Powys, Wales (POW)
Little Critters Little Critters Brewing Co. Micro Brewery    112 2016
  Sheffield, Borough of Sheffield, England (SHF)
Little London Little London Brewery Micro Brewery    97 2016
  Little London (Tadley), Hampshire, England (HAM)
Little Valley Little Valley Brewery Micro Brewery    630 2005
  Hebden Bridge, Borough of Calderdale, England (CLD)
Lizard Lizard Ales Micro Brewery      637 2004
  St Keverne, Cornwall, England (CON)
Loch Leven Loch Leven Brewery Micro Brewery      632 2017
  Kinross, Perth and Kinross, Scotland (PKN)
Loch Lomond Loch Lomond Brewery Micro Brewery   157 2011
  Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland (WDU)
Longdog Longdog Brewery Micro Brewery    702 2011
  Basingstoke, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Luckie Luckie Ales Micro Brewery    645 2009
  Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland (FIF)
Ludlow Ludlow Brewing Co. Micro Brewery     102 2006
  Ludlow, Shropshire, England (SHR)
Lyme Regis Lyme Regis Brewery Micro Brewery    111 2010
  Lyme Regis, Dorset, England (DOR)
Lytham Lytham Brewery Micro Brewery   633 2007
  Lytham Saint Annes, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Mad Dog Mad Dog Brewing Co. Micro Brewery   19 2014
  Penperlleni, Monmouthshire, Wales (MON)
Mad Squirrel Mad Squirrel Brewing (prev Red Squirrel Brewing) Micro Brewery   586 2004
  Potten End (Hemel Hempstead), Hertfordshire, England (HRT)
Magic Magic Rock Brewing Micro Brewery   618 2011
  Oakes (Huddersfield), Kirklees, England (KIR)
Maldon The Maldon Brewing Micro Brewery   679 2002
  Maldon, Essex, England (ESS)
Malt Coast Malt Coast Brewery Micro Brewery     125 2017
  Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Malvern Hills Malvern Hills Brewery Micro Brewery      99 1998
  Malvern, Worcestershire, England (WOR)
Marble Marble Brewery Micro Brewery   682 1997
  Manchester, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Market Market Bosworth Brewery Micro Brewery     9 2017
  Stoke Golding, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Marston's Marston's Brewery Brewery   602 1869
  Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Mash Mash Brewery Micro Brewery    631 2013
  East Stratton, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Mauldons Mauldons Brewery Micro Brewery     620 1982
  Sudbury, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Maxim Maxim Brewery Micro Brewery    634 2010
  Rainton Bridge (Houghton Le Spring), City of Sunderland, England (SND)
Maypole Maypole Brewery Micro Brewery     90 1995
  Eakring, Nottinghamshire, England (NTT)
Meantime The Meantime Brewing (Asahi) Brewery   619 2000
  Blackwall Ln (Greenwich), Greater London (LND)
Melwood Melwood Beer Company Micro Brewery    622 2013
  Liverpool, City of Liverpool, England (LIV)
Merry Miner Merry Miner Micro Brewery Micro Brewery     61 2011
  Grendon, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Mersea Mersea Island Brewery Micro Brewery    633 2005
  East Mersea, Essex, England (ESS)
Mighty Oak, The The Mighty Oak Brewing Company Micro Brewery    623 1996
  Maldon, Essex, England (ESS)
Milestone Milestone Brewery Micro Brewery    729 2004
  Cromwell (Newark), Nottinghamshire, England (NTT)
Mill Valley Mill Valley Brewery Micro Brewery   19 2016
  Cleckheaton, Kirklees, England (KIR)
Modha Modha Ales Micro Brewery    10 2015
  Leicester, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Moles Moles Brewery Micro Brewery    629 1982
  Melksham, Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Moncada Moncada Brewery Micro Brewery   631 2001
  Middle Row, Hammersmith, Greater London (LND)
Moonshine Moonshine Brewery Micro Brewery     54 2004
  Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire, England (CAM)
Moor Moor Beer Company Micro Brewery      755 2007
  Bristol, City of Bristol, England (BST)
Moorhouse's Moorhouse's Brewery Micro Brewery   624 1865
  Burnley, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Mordue Mordue Brewery Micro Brewery     669 1995
  North Shields, North Tyneside, England (NTY)
Morton Morton Brewery Micro Brewery    96 2007
  Essington, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Moulin Moulin Brewery Brewpub      641 1995
  Pitlochry, Perth and Kinross, Scotland (PKN)
Mount Saint Bernard Mount Saint Bernard Abbey Brewery Trappist Brewery     24 2018
  Coalville, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Muckle Muckle Brewing Micro Brewery    70 2017
  Haltwhistle, Northumberland, England (NBL)
Mumbles Mumbles Brewery Micro Brewery     20 2013
  Swansea, Swansea, Wales (SWA)
Nelson Nelson Brewery Micro Brewery    621 1995
  Chatham, Kent, England (KEN)
Nethergate Nethergate Brewery Micro Brewery   646 1986
  Sudbury, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Newtown Newtown Brewery Micro Brewery     15 2018
  Gosport, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Nick Bishop Nick Micro Brewery    9 2012
  Braintree, Essex, England (ESS)
Nomadic Nomadic Beers Micro Brewery   15 2017
  Leeds, City of Leeds, England (LDS)
North Cotswold North Cotswold Brewery Micro Brewery     19 1999
  Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Northern Alchemy Northern Alchemy Micro Brewery   27 2014
  Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, England (NET)
Northern Monk Northern Monk Brew Co Micro Brewery   628 2013
  Leeds, City of Leeds, England (LDS)
Nottingham Nottingham Brewery Micro Brewery    98 2001
  Radford, Nottingham, England (NGM)
Numbers Brew By Numbers Micro Brewery   740 2012
  Enid Street (Southwark), Greater London (LND)
Oakham Oakham Ales Micro Brewery   53 1993
  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England (CAM)
O’Neill's O’Neill's Brewing Company Micro Brewery     79 2018
  Willey, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Odyssey Odyssey Brew Co Micro Brewery   683 2014
  Whitbourne, Herefordshire, England (HEF)
Okells Okells & Sons Ltd Micro Brewery   630 1874
  Kewaigue, Isle of Man (IM)
Old Dairy Old Dairy Brewery Micro Brewery    57 2010
  Tenderden, Kent, England (KEN)
Old Friends Old Friends Brewery Micro Brewery   55 2016
  Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England (CAM)
Old Laxey Old Laxey Brewing Company Brewpub      137 1997
  Laxey, Isle of Man (IM)
Old Market The Old Market Brewery Micro Brewery     116 2015
  Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales (GWN)
Old Mill Old Mill Brewery Bar/Restaurant/Brewery      632 1983
  Snaith, East Riding of Yorkshire, England (ERY)
Old Pie Old Pie Factory Brewery Micro Brewery    80 2011
  Warwick, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Old Speckled Old Speckled Hen Brewery    670 1979
  Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Old Town Old Town Brewery Micro Brewery     171 2015
  Swindon, Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Orkney Orkney Brewery Micro Brewery    620 1988
  Stromness, Orkney Islands, Scotland (ORK)
Orme Great Orme Brewery Micro Brewery    631 2006
  Glan Conwy, Conwy County Borough, Wales (CWY)
Osset Ossett Brewery Micro Brewery   651 1998
  Ossett, City of Wakefield, England (WKF)
Otley Otley Brewing Company Micro Brewery    639 2005
  Cilfynydd, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Wales (RCT)
Otter The Otter Brewery Micro Brewery     626 1990
  Honiton, Devon, England (DEV)
Outstanding, the The Outstanding Brewery Micro Brewery    620 2008
  Salford, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Padstow Padstow Brewing Co. Micro Brewery   708 2013
  Padstow, Cornwall, England (CON)
Palmers Palmers Brewery Micro Brewery    599 1794
  Bridport, Dorset, England (DOR)
Papworth Papworth Brewery Micro Brewery    55 2017
  Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire, England (CAM)
Partizan Partizan Brewing Micro Brewery    647 2012
  South Bermondsey (Southwark), Greater London (LND)
Peak Ales The Barn Brewery Micro Brewery   683 2003
  Chatsworth, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England (DBY)
Peakstones Peakstones Rock Brewing Co Ltd Micro Brewery     632 2005
  Alton, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Peerless Peerless Brewery Micro Brewery    126 2009
  Birkenhead, Borough of Wirral, England (WRL)
Penpont Penpont Micro Brewery     617 2009
  Launceston, Cornwall, England (CON)
Penzance Penzance Brewing Brewpub      32 2008
  Penzance, Cornwall, England (CON)
Pershore Pershore Brewery Micro Brewery    47 2015
  Pershore, Worcestershire, England (WOR)
Pheasantry Pheasantry Brewery Micro Brewery    96 2012
  East Markham (Newark), Nottinghamshire, England (NTT)
Piddle Piddle Brewery Micro Brewery   121 2008
  Dorchester, Dorset, England (DOR)
Pilgrim Pilgrim Brewery Micro Brewery   610 1982
  Reigate, Surrey, England (SRY)
Pilot Pilot Beer Micro Brewery   38 2013
  Leith, City of Edinburgh, Scotland (EDH)
Pipes Pipes Brewery Micro Brewery   626 2009
  Cardiff, Cardiff/Caerdydd, Wales (CRF)
Plassey Plassey Brewery Micro Brewery      642 1985
  Eyton, Wrexham, Wales (WRX)
Plockton Plockton Brewery Micro Brewery      592 2009
  Plockton, Highland, Scotland (HLD)
Popes Pope’s Yard Brewery Micro Brewery   633 2012
  Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England (HRT)
Portobello Portobello Brewery Micro Brewery    728 2012
  White City (Hammersmith), Greater London (LND)
Portpatrick Portpatrick Brewery Micro Brewery     53 2015
  Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland (DGY)
Prescott Prescott Ales Micro Brewery      25 2009
  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Priest Priest Town Brewing Nano Brewery    32 2018
  Preston, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Prospect Prospect Brewery Micro Brewery    610 2007
  Standish, Wigan, England (WGN)
Purity Purity Brewing Co. Micro Brewery   716 2005
  Great Alne, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Purple Moose Purple Moose Brewery Micro Brewery   609 2005
  Porthmadog, Gwynedd, Wales (GWN)
Q Q Brewery Micro Brewery     9 2015
  Queniborough, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Quantock Quantock Brewery Micro Brewery    14 2008
  Taunton, Somerset, England (SOM)
Rammy Rammy Craft (prev Ramsbottom Craft Brewery) Micro Brewery    609 2012
  Bolton, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Ramsbury Ramsbury Brewery Micro Brewery    609 2004
  Marlborough, Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Ramsgate The Ramsgate Brewery Micro Brewery      760 2002
  Broadstairs, Kent, England (KEN)
Randalls Randalls Brewery Micro Brewery      596 1868
  St Peter Port, Guernsey (GG)
RCH RCH Brewery Micro Brewery   601 1982
  Weston Super Mare, North Somerset, England (NSM)
Rebellion Rebellion Beer Company Micro Brewery   682 1993
  Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England (BKM)
Red Rock Red Rock Brewery Ltd Micro Brewery   610 2006
  Bishopsteignton, Devon, England (DEV)
Red Star Red Star Brewery Micro Brewery    675 2015
  Formby, Merseyside, Borough of Sefton, England (SFT)
Redchurch The Redchurch Brewery Micro Brewery   590 2011
  Poyser St (Tower Hamlets), Greater London (LND)
Redfox Red Fox Brewery Micro Brewery     618 2008
  Coggeshall, Essex, England (ESS)
Redwillow Redwillow Brewery Micro Brewery   612 2010
  Macclesfield, Cheshire East, England (CHE)
Rhymney Rhymney Brewery Micro Brewery     589 2005
  Bleanavon, Newport, Wales (NWP)
Ride Ride Brewing Co. Brewey/Brewpub   51 2016
  Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland (GLG)
Ridgeway Ridgeway Brewery Micro Brewery     762 2003
  South Stoke, Oxfordshire, England (OXF)
Ringwood Ringwood Brewery Micro Brewery    599 1978
  Ringwood, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Rival Rival Brewing Co, Nano Brewery   20 2018
  Cardiff, Cardiff/Caerdydd, Wales (CRF)
River River Leven Ales Micro Brewery      69 2011
  Kinlochleven, Highland, Scotland (HLD)
Robinsons Robinsons Brewery Micro Brewery   582 1838
  Stockport, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Rockhopper Rockhopper Brewing Micro Brewery    101 2017
  Luton, Bedfordshire, England (BDF)
Rooster Rooster Brewery Micro Brewery    704 1992
  Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Roseland Roseland Brewery Brewpub      599 2009
  Truro, Cornwall, England (CON)
Rossendale Rossendale Brewery Micro Brewery     582 2007
  Haslingden, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Rother Rother Valley Brewing Company Micro Brewery     7 2002
  Northiam (Rye), East Sussex, England (ESX)
Round Tower Round Tower Brewery Nano Brewery    595 2013
  Chelmsford, Essex, England (ESS)
Rowton Rowton Brewery Micro Brewery    131 2008
  Telford, Shropshire, England (SHR)
Rudgate Rudgate Brewery Micro Brewery    166 1992
  Tockwith, York, England (YOR)
Saltaire Saltaire Brewery Micro Brewery   591 2006
  Shipley, City of Bradford, England (BRD)
Scilly Ales of Scilly Micro Brewery      605 2001
  Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, England (CON)
Seren Seren Brewing Company Micro Brewery    606 2013
  Rosebush, Pembrokeshire, Wales (PEM)
Settle Settle Brewery Micro Brewery    623 2013
  Settle, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Severn Severn Brewing Micro Brewery     14 2017
  Tortworth, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Sharp's Sharp's Brewery Brewery   582 1994
  Rock, Cornwall, England (CON)
Shed Shed 35 Brewery ----     628 2016
  Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland (ANS)
Shepherd Shepherd Neame Micro Brewery 588 1753
  Faversham, Kent, England (KEN)
Sherfield Sherfield Village Brewery Micro Brewery    611 2011
  Hook (Hants), Hampshire, England (HAM)
Shilling Shilling Brewing Company Brewpub   25 2016
  Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland (GLG)
Siren Siren Craft Brew Micro Brewery   759 2013
  Finchampstead, Wokingham, England (WOK)
Six Degrees Six Degrees North Micro Brewery   48 2013
  Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (ABD)
Sixpenny Sixpenny Brewery Micro Brewery    619 2007
  Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, England (DOR)
Skinners Skinners Brewery Micro Brewery   634 1997
  Truro, Cornwall, England (CON)
Skippool Skippool Creek Nano Brewery    22 2017
  Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Skye Brewery Isle of Skye Brewery Micro Brewery   580 1995
  Uig, Isle of Skye, Highland, Scotland (HLD)
Slaters Slaters Ales Micro Brewery    623 1995
  Stafford, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Slaughterhouse The Slaughterhouse Brewery Micro Brewery     603 2003
  Warwick, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Slightly Slightly Foxed Brewing Company Micro Brewery    590 2012
  Sowerby Bridge, Borough of Calderdale, England (CLD)
Smiths John Smiths Brewery (Heineken UK) Brewery     601 1847
  Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Sonnet Sonnet 43 Brew House Micro Brewery   679 2012
  Durham, County Durham, England (DUR)
South South Hams Brewery Micro Brewery    613 2003
  Kingsbridge, Devon, England (DEV)
Southbourne Southbourne Ales Micro Brewery     594 2015
  Bournemouth, Dorset, England (DOR)
Speyside Speyside Craft Brewery Micro Brewery   582 2012
  Forres, Moray, Scotland (MRY)
Spire Spire Brewery Micro Brewery    578 2006
  Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England (DBY)
Spitting Feathers Spitting Feathers Brewery Micro Brewery   597 2005
  Waverton, Cheshire West and Chester, England (CHW)
St Austell St Austell Brewery Micro Brewery   573 1851
  St Austell, Cornwall, England (CON)
St. Andrews St Andrews Brewing Company Micro Brewery   610 2012
  St Andrews, Fife, Scotland (FIF)
St. Peters St. Peters Brewery Micro Brewery    605 1996
  Bungay, Suffolk, England (SFK)
Stanway Stanway Brewery Micro Brewery      22 2000
  Stanway, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Steamin' Steamin' Billy Brewing Company Micro Brewery     9 1995
  Leicester, Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Steel Steel City Brewing Micro Brewery    604 2009
  Sheffield, Borough of Sheffield, England (SHF)
Stewart Stewart Brewing Micro Brewery 14 2004
  Loanhead, City of Edinburgh, Scotland (EDH)
Stewart Stewart Brewing Micro Brewery    629 2004
  Loanhead, Midlothian, Scotland (MLN)
Stinky Stinky Bay Brewing Co. Nano Brewery    15 2018
  St. Lawrence, Jersey (JE)
StoatCraft StoatCraft Revolutionary Beers Micro Brewery   21 2017
  Stoneywood, Aberdeen City, Scotland (ABE)
Stod Stod Fold Brewing Company Micro Brewery   630 2013
  Ogden, Borough of Calderdale, England (CLD)
Stonehenge Stonehenge Ales Micro Brewery    640 1984
  Salisbury, Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Stonehouse Stonehouse Brewery Micro Brewery   649 2007
  Weston (Oswestry), Shropshire, England (SHR)
Stoney Stoney Ford Brew Co Micro Brewery   80 2016
  Ryhall, Rutland, England (RUT)
Storm Storm Brewery Micro Brewery     83 1998
  Macclesfield, Cheshire East, England (CHE)
Stow Stow Brewery Nano Brewery   14 2016
  Stow, The Scottish Borders, Scotland (SCB)
Stratford Stratford Upon Avon Brewery Micro Brewery      63 2013
  Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Strathaven Strathaven Ales Micro Brewery    565 1992
  Strathaven, South Lanarkshire, Scotland (SLK)
Stringers Stringers Beer Micro Brewery     611 2008
  Ulverston, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Stroud Stroud Brewery Micro Brewery   580 2006
  Stroud, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Sulwath Sulwath Brewers Ltd. Micro Brewery      599 1995
  Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland (DGY)
Swan Swan Brewery Micro Brewery    15 2016
  Leominster, Herefordshire, England (HEF)
Swannay Swannay Brewery Micro Brewery   588 2005
  Evie (Orkney), Orkney Islands, Scotland (ORK)
Taddington Taddington Brewery Micro Brewery      595 2007
  Blackwell Hall (Buxton), Derbyshire, England (DBY)
Tap East Tap East Micro Brewery     619 2011
  Stratford City (Newham), Greater London (LND)
Tatton Tatton Brewery Micro Brewery    90 2010
  Knutsford, Cheshire East, England (CHE)
Taw Taw Valley Brewery Nano Brewery    8 2018
  North Tawton, Devon, England (DEV)
Teignworthy Teignworthy Brewery Ltd Micro Brewery      585 1994
  Newton Abbot, Devon, England (DEV)
Teme Teme Valley Brewery Micro Brewery      587 1997
  Knightwick, Worcestershire, England (WOR)
Tempest Tempest Brewing Co Micro Brewery   637 2010
  Galashiels, The Scottish Borders, Scotland (SCB)
Tennent Tennent Caledonian Breweries Brewery     610 1753
  Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland (GLG)
Theakston Theakston Brewery Micro Brewery   595 1830
  Ripon, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Thomas Hardy Thomas Hardy Brewery and Packaging Client Brewer      618 1837
  Burtonwood, Warrington, England (WRT)
Thornbridge Thornbridge Brewery Micro Brewery 576 2004
  Bakewell, Derbyshire, England (DBY)
Three Castles Three Castles Brewery Micro Brewery     601 2006
  Pewsey, Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Three, The The Three Legs Brewing Micro Brewery   10 2015
  Broad Oak, East Sussex, England (ESX)
Thwaites Thwaites Brewery Micro Brewery   626 1807
  Blackburn, Lancashire, England (LAN)
Time Time and Tide Brewing Micro Brewery   164 2013
  Eastry, Kent, England (KEN)
Timothy Timothy Taylor & Co. Micro Brewery    579 1858
  Keighley, City of Bradford, England (BRD)
Tintagel Tintagel Brewery Micro Brewery      622 2009
  Tintagel, Cornwall, England (CON)
Tiny Rebel Tiny Rebel Brewing Co Micro Brewery   607 2012
  Newport, Newport, Wales (NWP)
Tirril Tirril Brewery Micro Brewery    606 1999
  Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Titanic Titanic Brewery Micro Brewery    637 1985
  Burslem, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Tomos Watkins Tomos Watkin and Sons Ltd. Micro Brewery    576 1996
  Swansea, Swansea, Wales (SWA)
Tonbridge Tonbridge Brewery Micro Brewery    580 2010
  Tudeley, Kent, England (KEN)
Topsham Topsham Ales Micro Brewery    90 2012
  Topsham, Devon, England (DEV)
Tower Tower Brewery Micro Brewery     585 2001
  Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, England (STS)
Tractor Shed Tractor Shed Brewing Micro Brewery    95 2015
  Workington, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Traquair Traquair House Brewery Micro Brewery     590 1965
  Innerleithen, The Scottish Borders, Scotland (SCB)
Très Très Bien Brewery Brewery   9 2015
  Tur Langton (Market Harborough), Leicestershire, England (LEC)
Triple fff Triple fff Brewing Company Micro Brewery   587 1997
  Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Truman's Truman's Brewery Micro Brewery    745 1666
  Hackney Wick, Greater London (LND)
Tryst Tryst Brewery Micro Brewery    589 2003
  Larbert, Falkirk, Scotland (FAL)
Twice Twice Brewed Brewery Brewpub   96 2017
  Hexham, Northumberland, England (NBL)
Twisted Twisted Barrel Ale Micro Brewery   16 2013
  Coventry, Coventry, England (COV)
Two Cocks Two Cocks Brewery Micro Brewery     575 2012
  Enborne, West Berkshire, England (WBK)
Two Roses Two Roses Brewery Micro Brewery    126 2011
  Darton, Borough of Barnsley, England (BNS)
Tyne Tyne Bank Brewery Micro Brewery   599 2011
  Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, England (NET)
Uley Uley Brewery Micro Brewery      18 1985
  Uley, Gloucestershire, England (GLS)
Ulverston Ulverston Brewing Company Micro Brewery      587 2006
  Ulverston, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Umbrella Umbrella Brewing Micro Brewery   67 2017
  Finsbury Park, Greater London (LND)
Valhalla Valhalla Brewery Micro Brewery    595 1997
  Unst, Shetland Islands, Scotland (ZET)
Vibrant Vibrant Forest Brewery Micro Brewery   795 2011
  Lymington, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Villages Villages Brewry Micro Brewery   84 2016
  Deptford, Greater London (LND)
Wadworth Wadworth & Co Ltd. Brewery 630 1837
  Devizes, Wiltshire, England (WIL)
Walled Walled City Brewery Micro Brewery   637 2015
  Londonderry, Derry, Northern Ireland (DRY)
Watermill Watermill Brewery Brewpub   595 1990
  Ings, near Windermere, Cumbria, England (CMA)
Way Way Outback Brewing Micro Brewery      90 2017
  Bournemouth, Dorset, England (DOR)
Weetwood Weetwood Ales Brewery Micro Brewery    590 1993
  Tarporley, Cheshire West and Chester, England (CHW)
Weighbridge Weighbridge Brewhouse Brewpub      795 2011
  Swindon, Borough of Swindon, England (SWD)
Weird Weird Beard Brew Co Micro Brewery   593 2013
  Hanwell (Ealing), Greater London (LND)
Wensleydale Wensleydale Brewery Micro Brewery    652 2003
  Leyburn, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
West West Beer Brewpub    187 2006
  Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland (GLG)
Westerham Westerham Brewery Micro Brewery   610 2004
  Crockham Hill, Kent, England (KEN)
Whitby Whitby Brewery Micro Brewery   617 2013
  Whitby, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
White Park White Park Brewery Micro Brewery      589 2008
  Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England (BDF)
White Rock White Rock Brewery Micro Brewery    708 2013
  St. Sampsons, Guernsey (GG)
Whitewater Whitewater Brewing Company Micro Brewery    660 2004
  Kilkeel, County Down, Northern Ireland (DOW)
Wickwar Wickwar Brewing ----       577  
  Wickwar, South Gloucestershire, England (SGC)
Wild Beer The Wild Beer Co Micro Brewery   659 2012
  Evercreech, Somerset, England (SOM)
Wild Weather Wild Weather Ales Micro Brewery    616 2012
  Silchester, Hampshire, England (HAM)
Williams Williams Brothers Brewing Co. Brewery   585 1999
  Kelliebank (Alloa), Clackmannanshire, Scotland (CLK)
Wilson Wilson Potter Brewery Micro Brewery    594 2011
  Middleton, Greater Manchester, England (MAN)
Windmill Windmill Hill Brewing Micro Brewery    76 2017
  Radford Semele, Warwickshire, England (WAR)
Windsor Windsor & Eton Brewing Co. Ltd. Micro Brewery   625 2010
  Windsor, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, England (WNM)
Wishbone Wishbone Brewery Micro Brewery   18 2015
  Keighley, City of Bradford, England (BRD)
Wolf Wolf Brewery, the Micro Brewery   606 1996
  Besthorpe, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Wood The Wood Brewery Micro Brewery      586 1980
  Craven Arms, Shropshire, England (SHR)
Wooden Hand Woodenhand Brewery Micro Brewery      595 2004
  Truro, Cornwall, England (CON)
Woodforde's Woodfordes Broadland Brewery Brewery   598 1981
  Norwich, Norfolk, England (NFK)
Wooha Wooha Brewing Company Micro Brewery   88 2015
  Kinloss, Moray, Scotland (MRY)
Wriggle Wriggle Valley Brewery Micro Brewery     585 2015
  Sherborne, Dorset, England (DOR)
Wychwood Wychwood Brewery Micro Brewery   588 1983
  Witney, Oxfordshire, England (OXF)
Wye Valley Wye Valley Brewery Micro Brewery   571 1985
  Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire, England (HEF)
Wylam Wylam Brewery Micro Brewery   658 2000
  Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, England (NET)
Yates Yates Brewery Micro Brewery     641 2000
  Newchurch, Isle of Wight, England (IOW)
York York Brewery Micro Brewery    635 1996
  York, York, England (YOR)
Yorkshire Yorkshire Heart Micro Brewery    85 2011
  Nun Monkton, North Yorkshire, England (NYK)
Zerodegrees Zerodegrees Microbrewery Brewpub   593 2000
  Blackheath (Lewisham), Greater London (LND)

Total number of brewery links: 659 (from 19 are new), on an total of 4401 brewery links in 31 countries.
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