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Bare Bare Brewing Micro Brewery      5 2018
  Hesperange, Canton Luxembourg (L)
Beierhaascht Brasserie Beierhaascht Brewpub      643 2004
  Bascharage, Canton Capellen (C)
Bofferding Brouwerij Bofferding Brewery 639 1764
  Bascharage, Canton Capellen (C)
Bouneweger Bouneweger Brauerei Brewey/Brewpub     117 2018
  Luxembourg, Canton Luxembourg (L)
Clausel Lëtzebuerger Stad Brauerei Clausel Micro Brewery    665 2009
  Luxembourg, Canton Luxembourg (L)
Echternacher Echternacher Brauerei Micro Brewery      114 2018
  Bech, Kanton Echternach (E)
Fox Fox Beer Client Brewer   145 2016
  Luxembourg, Canton Luxembourg (L)
Grand Grand Brewing Luxembourg Micro Brewery    160 2015
  Luxembourg, Canton Luxembourg (L)
Heischter Den Heischter Beier Micro Brewery     625 2009
  Heiderscheid, Canton Wiltz (W)
Humulus Humulus et Fermentum Client Brewer      142 2016
  Bridel, Canton Capellen (C)
Mousel-Diekirch Brasserie de Luxembourg Mousel-Diekirch Brewery      640 2001
  Diekirch, Canton Diekirch (D)
Nowhere Nowhere Brewing Client Brewer    142 2015
  Luxembourg, Canton Luxembourg (L)
Simon Brasserie Simon Brewery      658 1824
  Wiltz, Canton Wiltz (W)
Stuff Stuff Brauerei Micro Brewery     161 2015
  Steinsel, Canton Luxembourg (L)
Totenhopfen Totenhopfen Brauhaus Micro Brewery    150 2017
  Luxembourg, Canton Luxembourg (L)

Total number of brewery links: 15 (from 1 are new), on an total of 4401 brewery links in 31 countries.
Where in addition to the opening year also a closing year is mentioned, this brewery is often taken over, and the website is often used for product information of the products sold under this name.

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