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8 Wired 8 Wired Brewing Micro Brewery   456 2005
  Warkworth, Auckland (AUK)
Alibi Alibi Brewing Company Brewpub      167 2017
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Altitude Altitude Brewing Studio Micro Brewery    481 2014
  Queenstown, Otago (OTA)
Aotearoa Aotearoa Breweries Micro Brewery    282 2006
  Kawerau, Bay of Plenty (BOP)
B.Effect B.Effect Brewing Co. Micro Brewery   152 2016
  Wanaka, Otago (OTA)
Bach Bach Brewing Micro Brewery    562 2013
  Mt Eden, Auckland (AUK)
Bannockburn Bannockburn Brewing Co. Micro Brewery      159 2014
  Bannockburn, Otago (OTA)
Baroness Beer Baroness Micro Brewery      227 2012
  Christchurch, Canterbury (CAN)
Baylands Baylands Brewery Micro Brewery      694 2011
  Newlands, Wellington (WGN)
Bays Bays Brewery Micro Brewery     578 1993
  Nelson, Nelson City (NSN)
Behemoth Behemoth Brewing Company Micro Brewery   348 2013
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Ben Ben Middlemiss Brewing Company Micro Brewery    395 2010
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Birkenhead Birkenhead Brewing Company Micro Brewery   309 2015
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Black Dog Black Dog Brewing Company Micro Brewery      474 2011
  Wellington, Wellington (WGN)
Black Sands Black Sands Brewing Company Micro Brewery   23 2014
  Kelston, Auckland (AUK)
Blue Blue Fridge Brewery Nano Brewery    159 2018
  Kuaotunu, Waikato (WKO)
Boneface Boneface Brewing Micro Brewery   124 2017
  Upper Hutt, Wellington (WGN)
Boogie Boogie Van Brewing Micro Brewery    134 2016
  Ostend (Waiheke Island), Auckland (AUK)
Bootleg Bootleg Brewery Ltd Micro Brewery      122 2017
  Hamilton, Waikato (WKO)
Brave Brave Brewing Co. Micro Brewery     161 2015
  Hastings, Hawke's Bay (HKB)
Brew Moon Brew Moon Brewing Company Brewpub   146 2004
  Amberley, Canterbury (CAN)
Brew Mountain Brew Mountain Micro Brewery      432 2015
  New Plymouth, Taranaki (TKI)
Brew Union Brew Union Brewing Company Brewpub   162 2017
  Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui (MWT)
Brewaucracy Brewaucracy Micro Brewery    501 2012
  Hamilton East, Waikato (WKO)
Brothers Brothers Beer Micro Brewery    135 2013
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Burkes Burkes Brewing Co Nano Brewery      53 2016
  Twizel, Canterbury (CAN)
Canyon Canyon Food & Brew Co Brewpub    9 2018
  Arthurs Point (Queenstown), Otago (OTA)
Cargo Cargo Brewery Micro Brewery      298 2015
  Queenstown, Otago (OTA)
Cassels Cassels & Sons Brewing Company Micro Brewery      70 2011
  Woolston (Christchurch), Canterbury (CAN)
Catlins Catlins Brewery Micro Brewery      179 2015
  Kaka Point, Otago (OTA)
Cell Cell Division Nano Brewery      58 2017
  Dunedin, Otago (OTA)
Chaotic Chaotic Hop Brewing Micro Brewery      51 2016
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Choice Choice Bros Brewing Micro Brewery      71 2014
  Wellington, Wellington (WGN)
Colab Colab Brewing Micro Brewery   47 2017
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Coromandel Coromandel Brewing Micro Brewery     9 2013
  Hahei, Waikato (WKO)
Craftwork Craftwork Brewery Nano Brewery     9 2016
  Oamaru, Otago (OTA)
Crafty TROUT Crafty TROUT Brewing Co. Brewpub    9 2013
  Taupo, Waikato (WKO)
Croucher Croucher Brewing Micro Brewery   693 2004
  Rotorua, Bay of Plenty (BOP)
Dale’s Dale’s Brewing Co. Micro Brewery    253 2011
  Nelson, Nelson City (NSN)
DB DB Breweries Brewery     600 1929
  Otahuhu (Manukau), Auckland (AUK)
Deep Deep Creek Brewing Co Micro Brewery   502 2011
  Silverdale, Auckland (AUK)
Double Double Vision Brewing Micro Brewery    28 2017
  Wellington, Wellington (WGN)
Eagle Eagle Brewing NZ Micro Brewery   9 2010
  Christchurch, Canterbury (CAN)
Emerson's Emerson Brewing Micro Brewery     590 1992
  Dunedin, Otago (OTA)
Emporium Emporium Brewing Micro Brewery    167 2016
  Kaikoura, Canterbury (CAN)
Epic Epic Brewing Company Micro Brewery      890 2008
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Eruption Eruption Brewing Ltd. Nano Brewery    447 2014
  Wainoni, Canterbury (CAN)
Fat Fat Monk Brewing Micro Brewery     51 2013
  Hastings, Hawke's Bay (HKB)
Fitzpatrick's Fitzpatrick's Brewing Co. Micro Brewery     9 2013
  Pyes Pa (Tauranga), Bay of Plenty (BOP)
Fork Fork Brewing Brewpub   9 2013
  Wellington, Wellington (WGN)
Frings Brauhaus Frings Micro Brewery      772 1981
  Whangarei, Northland (NTL)
Funk Funk Estate Micro Brewery    771 2012
  Wellington, Wellington (WGN)
Galbraith's Galbraith's Brewing Company Micro Brewery    41 2002
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Governor Governor Brewing Homebrewery      334 2014
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Graphic Graphic Brewing Micro Brewery      276 2017
  Wellington, Wellington (WGN)
Green Green Man Brewery Micro Brewery   420 2005
  Dunedin, Otago (OTA)
Harrington Harringtons Breweries Brewery     694 1991
  Phillipstown, Canterbury (CAN)
Hawkes Hawkes Bay Brewing Company Micro Brewery     153 1995
  Meeanee (Napier), Hawke's Bay (HKB)
Independent Independent Brewery ----       896 2001
  Papakura, Auckland (AUK)
Invercargill Invercargill Brewery Micro Brewery   827 1999
  Invercargill, Southland (STL)
Kaimai Kaimai Brewing Micro Brewery    394 2010
  Mt Maunganui, Bay of Plenty (BOP)
Lion Red Lion Red Breweries Brewery      549 1915
  Newmarket, Auckland (AUK)
Mac's Mac's Brewery (Lion Breweries) Brewery     931 1981
  Nelson, Nelson City (NSN)
Matsons Matsons Brewery Micro Brewery      532 2007
  Christchurch, Canterbury (CAN)
McLeod's McLeod's Brewery Micro Brewery      162 2015
  Waipu, Northland (NTL)
Mikes Mike's Brewery Micro Brewery   460 2009
  Urenui, Taranaki (TKI)
Moa Moa Brewing Company Micro Brewery   597 2003
  Blenheim, Marlborough District (MBH)
Monteiths Monteiths Brewery Company Micro Brewery   545 1868
  Greymouth, West Coast (WTC)
Moutere Moutere Brewing Co. Micro Brewery      183 2011
  Nelson, Nelson City (NSN)
Napier Napier Brewing Co Brewpub      158 2017
  Napier, Hawke's Bay (HKB)
Renaissance Renaissance Brewing Company Micro Brewery    803 2006
  Blenheim, Marlborough District (MBH)
Roosters Roosters Brewery Micro Brewery      178 1994
  Hastings, Hawke's Bay (HKB)
Scotts Scotts Brewing Co. Micro Brewery      286 2009
  Oamaru, Otago (OTA)
Speights Speights Brewery Micro Brewery     540 1876
  Dunedin, Otago (OTA)
Sprig Sprig & Fern Brewery Micro Brewery    552 2002
  Richmond (Nelson), Tasman District (TAS)
Steam Steam Brewing Company Micro Brewery    641 2004
  Otahuhu, Auckland (AUK)
Steinlager Steinlager Brewery Brewery      539 1958
  Auckland, Auckland (AUK)
Stoke Stoke Beer Micro Brewery    288 2017
  Nelson, Nelson City (NSN)
Sunshine Sunshine Brewery Micro Brewery    785 2002
  Gisborne, Gisborne District (GIS)
Tuatara Tuatara Brewing (DB Breweries) Micro Brewery   741 2002
  Paraparaumu (Kapiti Coast), Wellington (WGN)
Tui Tui Brewery (DB Breweries) Brewery    232 2009
  Mangatainoka, Manawatu-Wanganui (MWT)
Twisted, The The Twisted Hop Real Ale Brewery Micro Brewery    753 2004
  Wigram (Christchurch), Canterbury (CAN)
Valkyrie Valkyrie Brewing Co Micro Brewery    206 2011
  Christchurch, Canterbury (CAN)
Vulcan Vulcan Brewers Micro Brewery    179 2014
  Christchurch, Canterbury (CAN)
Waiheke Waiheke Brewery Micro Brewery    758 2002
  Onetangi (Waiheke Island), Auckland (AUK)
Wanaka Wanaka Beerworks Micro Brewery   473 2001
  Wanaka-Luggate Hwy (Luggate), Otago (OTA)
Wassail Wassail Brauhaus Homebrewery      631 2004
  Egmont Village (Inglewood), Taranaki (TKI)
West Coast West Coast Brewery Micro Brewery     569 2002
  Westport, West Coast (WTC)
Wigram Wigram Brewing Co. Micro Brewery     673 2005
  Wigram (Christchurch), Canterbury (CAN)
Yeastie Boys Yeastie Boys Micro Brewery     821 2009
  Wellington, Wellington (WGN)
Zeelandt Zeelandt Brewery Micro Brewery   205 2013
  Napier, Hawke's Bay (HKB)

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