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Brewery name Type Social Visited Established

Al Ahram (Heineken) Brewery       224 2000
Giza, Egypt (EG)
Brasserie Motte Cordonnier Afrique (MOCAF) Brewery       347 1953
Bimbo (Bangui), Central African Republic (CF)
Brassivoire (Heineken) Micro Brewery       840 2017
Abidjan, Ivory Coast (CI)
East Africa Breweries Brewery       614 2001
Nairobi, Kenya (KE)
Flying Dodo Brewing Company Brewpub      575 2014
Bagatelle (Reduit), Mauritius (MU)
Namibia Breweries Limited Brewery       850 1920
Windhoek, Namibia (NA)
Seychelles Breweries (Diageo) Micro Brewery       331 1968
Zig Zag Ward (Mahé), Seychelles (SC)
Solibra (Groupe Castel) Brewery       481 2001
Abidjan, Ivory Coast (CI)
The Big 5 Breweries Micro Brewery       1312 2009
Nairobi, Kenya (KE)

Total number of brewery links: 9, on an total of 6213 brewery links in 28 countries.
Where in addition to the opening year also a closing year is mentioned, this brewery is often taken over, and the website is often used for product information of the products sold under this name.

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