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Brewery name Type Social Visited Established

Black Kite Brewery Micro Brewery   58 2015
Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong ( 香港) (HKG)
Carlsberg Brewery (Guangdong) Limited Brewery   57 2013
Huìzhōu, Guangdong (广东) (GD)
Chengdu Harvest Micro Brewery      79 2013
Chengdu, Sichuan (四川) (SC)
Guangxi GuiQuan Brewery Brewery       40 2015
Baise, Guangxi (广西) (GX)
Jing A (京A) Brewing Micro Brewery    767 2013
Beijing, Beijing (北京) (BJ)
Little Creatures Brewing Hong Kong Brewpub    68 2016
Hong Kong, Hong Kong ( 香港) (HKG)
Ruinsbrew Micro Brewery      60 2016
Chengdu, Sichuan (四川) (SC)
Shanghai Brewery Micro Brewery     59 2011
Shanghai, Shanghai (上海) (SH)
Shangri-La Highland Craft Brewery Brewery    61 2010
Diqing, Yunnan (云南) (YN)
Tsingtao Brewery Brewery      593 1903
Qingdao, Shandong (山东) (SD)
Zhejiang Qianjiang Beer (CR Beer) Brewery      61 1979
Hangzhou, Zhejiang (浙江) (ZJ)

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Where in addition to the opening year also a closing year is mentioned, this brewery is often taken over, and the website is often used for product information of the products sold under this name.

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