Use of Cookies

A lot of websites are using cookies to check the behavior of the visitor.

It builds an history so many websites can recognize the user when he visits back there websites with there preferences.
Cookies are used mostly for the following purposses:

  • to remember loginname and password or other settings.
  • collecting your surfbehavior on certain sites for marketing purposses, e.g. profiling (tracking cookies).
  • to use temporaly variables to use in contact forms on the webserver (session ID cookies).

The BIER.028 website uses only session ID cookies to maintain information between certain pages.
This only happends on the contact pages of this website.

So if you don′t accept cookes (it is switched off in your browser), then it's not possible to use the contact form.
The cookies are not used in any way to detect your surf behavior, or to contact you unless requested in the contact form.

If you use the contact form, the used cookie is erased from you computer after this has been used!

Please use the following links to get more information about cookies for the most popular web browsers:

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer SeaMonkey

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