Agenda of BIER.028 activitie's

  • AMSTERDAM, every first saturday of the month, from 15u: "BIER.028-MEETING". Bierproeflokaal In De Wildeman, Kolksteeg 3 in Amsterdam. Every month comming together and tatsting some nice beers.

  • AMSTERDAM, an saturday in march or april, but mostly before eastern: "PAAS-IJ-MEETING". from 15u. Proeflokaal brouwerij 't IJ, Funenkade 7.

  • NIJMEGEN, mostly latest saturday from may: "HEMELSE BIER.028-MEETING". from 15u. Proeflokaal brouwerij De Hemel, Franseplaats 1.

  • GRONINGEN, Bier.028 gaait naor Grunn: We are going the 28th of februari 2015 to the northern city of Groningen to drink a couple of beers in some nice bars.

For more information about other beer festivals: De Biergoeroe's bieragenda and choose for 'Bieragenda'. (website only available in Dutch language!)

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