The BIER.028 holidays

Somewhere at the end of 1997 the idea arose to go on holiday together, not in a hotel or tent, but in a holiday cottage.
During the first 4 years we have always been on holiday for a week, after that it has been two weeks.
We did the joint holidays until 2010.

The following destinations have been visited:

  • 1998: Beernem, Belgium
  • 1999: Lavacherie, Belgium                         
  • 2000: Lorce, Belgium  
  • 2001: Maredret, Belgium  
  • 2002: Beernem / Vladslo, Belgium  
  • 2003: Patignies, Belgium
  • 2004: Barbecon, Belgium
  • 2005: Grandpré, France  
  • 2006: Kaaskerke, Belgium  
  • 2007: Rochefort, Belgium  
  • 2008: Houffalize, Belgium  
  • 2009: Lauperath, Germany  
  • 2010: Bouillon, Belgium
After 2010 we have not been together on holiday anymore.
Why? Simple people grow older, start cohabiting, are married or have had children, and others did not feel like it anymore.

After some time we have also taken servers with us, and there are also (internal) websites that can be viewed on

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