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Who is making this site?

Well my name is Arnoud and I'm for many years active within the fidonet network where the echo (the same as an newsgroup on internet) BIER.028 part off is.
On this website I hope to tell more about fidonet, and the people who are using it.

On this website you find photos made by my self, and other people wo send me there photos or other stuff used in this site.
Rights on this material lies by me, and the people wich send me this material.

So you have no right to copy or download those photos and other stuff from this website and use it for your own.

If you want to use material please contact us.

The information you send to me should not be used on commercial bases or in any other way. If you think this is the case, please let us known.

Please have fun visiting the BIER.028 website!

Arnoud Aquina

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