On this page you find everything about BIER.028, fidonet, history and everything which concerning us.

  • History: Brief description of how BIER.028 originated, why we went on holiday, and (still) the meetings.
  • BBS: Short information about BBS systems and how to reach them in the early days via modem and ISDN lines.
    And how you can reach them now if they have an internet connection.
  • Fidonet: Find here much information on Fidonet, how it works, and how it′s working today on the internet.
  • Agenda: What′s planned.
  • Meetings: Information to our standard meetings, and route information how to join us.
  • Holidays: Where did we go on our holidays.
  • Holiday website: We have joined together a few years to go on holiday, here you find an short impression on our intranet websites.
    This part is unfortunially only in the Dutch language!
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