Misc. beer links

On this page you find links to diferent pages related to beer.

  • Beershops: Links and/or addresses to Dutch shops who are selling beer, sorted on city.
  • Dutch Bar Links: Links to Dutch and some Belgian Bars.
  • EBCU: European Beer Consumers Union, in may 1990 founded by beer orginsations from The Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain.
    Find links to other European member countries, and especially to local Dutch and Belgium members.
  • Misc.: Other (important) beer links.
  • Newsgroups: Links to beer newsgroups (usenet) on the internet.
On these pages are some symbols used, please find out what they mean:

  • New item added for this running month.
  • There is an update for this item.

The symbols new or updated are used during the running month.

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