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Brewery name Type Social Established

Alexander Brewery Micro Brewery     2008
Tsvi HaNahal Street 13, Emek Hefer, HaMerkaz (מָחוֹז הַמֶרְכָּז) (M)
Dancing Camel Brewery Micro Brewery      2007
HaTa'asiya Street 12, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv (מָחוֹז תֵּל אָבִיב) (TA)
Golan Brewery Micro Brewery        2007
Katzrin, HaTsafon (מחוז הצפון) (Z)
Herzl Beer ltd. Micro Brewery       2013
Ha-Sadna Street 5, Jerusalem, Yerushalayim (מחוז ירושלים) (JM)
Israel Beer Breweries (Carlsberg) Brewery        1992
Sderot Hayim Barlev 5, Asjkelon, HaDarom (מחוז הדרום) (D)
Jem's Beer Factory Micro Brewery       2009
Magshimim Street 15, Petach Tikva, HaMerkaz (מָחוֹז הַמֶרְכָּז) (M)
Lela (ללה) Nano Brewery        2009
Modi’in-Mac.-Re’ut, HaMerkaz (מָחוֹז הַמֶרְכָּז) (M)
Negev Brewery Micro Brewery      2008
Kiryat Gat, HaDarom (מחוז הדרום) (D)
Soof Craft Brewery Micro Brewery       2016
HaOrgim Street 5, Eilat, HaDarom (מחוז הדרום) (D)
Srigim Brewery Micro Brewery        2011
Srigim, Yerushalayim (מחוז ירושלים) (JM)
Tempo Beer Brewery        1934
Netanya, HaMerkaz (מָחוֹז הַמֶרְכָּז) (M)
The Lone Tree Brewery (מבשלת בירה העץ הבודד) Homebrewery       2010
Gush Etzion, Yerushalayim (מחוז ירושלים) (JM)

Total number of brewery links: 12, on an total of 6595 brewery links in 92 countries.
Where in addition to the opening year also a closing year is mentioned, this brewery is often taken over, and the website is often used for product information of the products sold under this name.

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