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The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) is an umbrella organization, which helps Member States in supporting the promotion of beer. The union was founded in Bruges in May 1990 by three beer consumer, representing Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, other consumer organizations from several European countries, have become active in the EBCU.

EBCU is a non-political, non-religious organisation formed to co-ordinate the European activities of the European National Beer consumer organisations.
EBCU is totally independent, as are its constituent parts, of any outside control by brewery or other vested interests.
EBCU is open to all non-exclusive national organisations of beer lovers which are independent of all outside influence, represent the beer consumer and can wholeheartedly endorse the following Aims ands Objectives.
EBCU is formed to take whatever steps it feels necessary, by lobbying, advertising, publishing or whatever, to campaign for the widest possible support for these Four Aims and Objectives.
The Aims and Objectives of the European Beer Consumers Union are:

  1. Preservation of European Beer Culture The preservation and maintenance of the European Beer culture, with particular regard to traditional, national, regional and local breweries, and traditional brewing beers.
  2. Promotion of Traditional Beers The promotion and support of all European breweries producing high quality traditional beer by traditional methods in accordance with established national and regional variations in style.
  3. Support of Traditional Breweries To campaign against any activities likely to lead to further concentration of control in the European brewing industry.
  4. Representation of Beer Drinkers To represent European drinkers in the campaign for choice, quality and value for money in beers and brewing.
The following local consumer orginisations are member of the EBCU:

  • EBCU Members
  • Belgium Zythos
    Denmark Danske Ølentusiaster
    Finland Olutliitto
    France Fédération Nationale des Associations BRAssicoles (FNABRA) - Associate Member
    Greece Hellenic Homebrewers Association - Associate Member
    Great Britain CAMRA
    Ireland Beoir
    Italy MoBI - Associate Member
    Netherlands, The Vereniging Promotie INformatie Traditioneel Bier (PINT)
    Norway Norøl
    Austria BierIG
    Poland Bractwo Piwne
    Spain Asociación de Cerveceros Caseros Españoles (ACCE) - Associate Member
    Spain Club Español de Coleccionismo Cervecero (CELCE) - Associate Member
    Czech Republic Sdružení přátel piva
    Sweden Svenska Ölfaramjändet
    Switserland Association des Buveurs d'Orge (ABO)
  • Local members
  • The Netherlands: PINT
    Great Britain: CAMRA
    Belgium: Zythos
    Norway: Norøl
    Denmark: Danske Ølentusiaster
    Sweden: Svenska Ölfrämjandet
    Poland: Bractwo piwne

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