A small explanation about fidonet and his Dutch echo BIER.028 ...

Welcome to the English pages, wich will give you some information and explains the Dutch fidonet echo BIER.028.

In the year 1995 the Dutch echo was nearly by death, no one was using it.
But at the end of that same year some beerlovers (mostly points from fidonet BBS systems) found the echo and started using it for collecting information and to exchange information.
Because the mood was very good, they organised an meeting to see the faces with the names, at the Jan Primus café in the city of Utrecht.

This was the first of many meetings wich followed the forth comming years.

There where days that the BIER.028 echo contained more messages than the very populair echo KLETS.028 wich was a social talk echo for general things.

Because there was no moderation, I took the job on me to moderate the echo, because otherwhise it should be deleted from the Dutch backbone of fidonet.
But everyone was known each other, so moderation was really not an important point or needed.

In the meantime, internet was becomming more populair, so people where leaving fidonet.
Because of this, the BIER.028 mailinglist has been developed for the users of the echo BIER.028.

Until speaking of this day, every first saturday of the month there is still an meeting in the beer local of 'In De Wildeman' in Amsterdam.

For now I have translated some of the Dutch pages into the English language, but it can be that some of the pages showed are still in Dutch, or that some pages are only Dutch.

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